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21 / Male / Its Complicated
United States
"Ain't no thing like me, 'cept me."

Hey there, Rocket here, how's it going..?
Just kidding, I don't care.
Heh heh, I'm just playing..
So you wanna know a bit about me?
Of course you do, that's why you're still reading this right?
Okay story time..
89P13 (if you call me that I swear I will flarking blast ya) is a genetically enhanced furred animal turned freelance criminal, calling himself Rocket. Alongside his friend and partner Groot, Rocket traveled the galaxy picking up bounties until they met Star-Lord who then convinced them to help alongside a green lady named, Gamora, and a guy who doesn't get metaphors, Drax, who now roam the galaxy, protecting it and sometimes stealing or as I say "borrowing" a few things.

Sometimes Rocket would go out solo without the rest of his team or Groot to go some mission alone. He mostly steals and pickpockets others when he is parted away from the guardians. Parties, clubs, bars, any fun stuff is his thing.

Latest Status

...Now I know why Groot plays this thing all the time.
5  May 15th 2019 09:31

Latest Questions

Q. "Last chance hehe"
A. "Once again, hit me."
 May 16th 2019 21:54

Q. "You sure you can handle it?"
A. "Do you know who I am? Of course I can!"
 May 16th 2019 10:09

Latest Comments

"See? Exactly what I'm worried about! Just...promise to keep an eye on the rest of And for Agamotto's sake, if you want something shiny you can sell for a great price, I have some things I don't need anymore. If you are interested, of course."
May 7th 2019 16:13

"If you sold that stone, the only thing you would be is dead. And put that thing down before you poke someone's eye out. The stone is none of your concern, it is only mine, and believe me, I don't have it because it's so much fun to have. Sorry about the things I said, but please, don't do anything stupid."
May 7th 2019 15:48

"I'm only going to warn you this once, you touch the Stone, you won't have any hands to steal with anymore. And learn some manners, will you? Or they didn't teach any in the lab you were created at?"
May 7th 2019 15:19

"I did, yes." He quirked a brow. "I saved your reality more than once. The difference between your team of outlaws and me is that I do not ask for the applause, I do what I do in silence, for it is my duty. All I ask is that you keep your little criminal paws away from anything valuable. Got it?"
May 7th 2019 13:12

"Funny to hear that from a squirrel...And yes, that you are not. Late for a fight. Exactly what makes me worry, you see? I would be much calmer if I knew you all were not somewhere out there, floating and causing all kinds of trouble in space. You surely understand, don't you? I mean, you are all just a bunch of...erm...yes."
May 7th 2019 12:29

"I do believe we have some urgent and important matters to discuss, so thank you for taking the time to meet me. Not like you had a choice, but still, the illusion of it is pleasant enough. Team? Call it what you will, those people are a concern of mine and I was hoping you could ease my mind and reassure me that there will be no trouble when it comes to them."
May 7th 2019 11:29

"I´ve survived an Alien Apocalypse, Armies of darkness...You ain´t no threat, so put that down before ya hurt ya self..."
Apr 15th 2019 00:08

"Hey little guy..Nice guy."
Apr 14th 2019 23:12

Hello. :)
Thank you for accepting.
Feb 12th 2019 15:52

Hello, thanks for accepting
Oct 24th 2018 07:26