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River's Blog


Her lessons are over but she cannot leave on her own and family is still working. She is unsure what to do in the wait, so she starts wandering in the school.
She is a bit thoughtful. She finally was explained by Min what happened to XueBao and feels extremely bad. She wanted to go to see him but she was also told they cannot force the truth into him.
She bumps distractedly into your characters in the corridors of the school.
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Details about her.

She is 15 years old.

She is the only daughter of late Clan Leader Huo and Shui Lian, due to the difficulties to have their own child, when she finally came, she was considered a blessing.

She is XueBao's sister.

She loves her brother very much and is still clueless of what is going on with him.

She is pretty close to her cousins and uncle too.

She was captive with other Cloud Recesses' disciples.

She started to go to the new school, officially an apprentice.

Her elements are Water and Life.

She follows Cloud Recesses rules, is very calm and has a good self restraint but she is also curious what's outside her home.

Without going against her Clan rules, she wants to experience new things.

She is a diligent student, always the first to arrive and the last to leave.

She is vegetarian.

She learnt a lot already about Life and Water elements.

Her powers can be scary. She can use water inside people's body, even split molecules of it.

She learnt Huo martial arts.

Her spiritual weapon is a sword named Small River (Xiaohe).

Her hobbies are, for now, meditating, training and playing guqin.

She is virgin but not clueless. It must never be forgotten who her father was :v

She hasn't good resistence to alcohol, that she tried only once by mistake.

Almost doesn't know what skinship is.

Her favorite food used to be XueBao's soup (sadness).
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Kick it

After the competition is over, she goes to get checked like others with minor injuries. She has nothing serious, the kick only left a bruise and she can go.
She starts to head to the House of Snake, where she is supposed to stay, but on the way, she checks her magic mail amulet, hoping her dad contacted her. He indeed did and she is very happy.
She walks while reading, not paying attention to anything else. She is a bit naive due to her young age.
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Hungry Ghosts

Wicked people will be reborn as a truly terrible night creature called a Preta, the archetypal Hungry Ghost. These beings are the tortured spirits of once living people who are made to suffer greatly with an insatiable hunger usually for something disgusting. And for some more unfortunate Preta, it can be a desire to eat their own flesh. There are many different types of Preta with each one the result of a specific type of misconduct such as being too stingy or taking advantage of people during the time that they were alive as auriold.
Preta or hungry ghost can generate from lack of care for ancestors or families being wiped out violently, like it happened to Soyou. Indeed their manor is crowded with these spirits and Hae can see them all.

Pretas rarely directly affect auriolds, usually invisible to the living they seek an end to their suffering by attending merit making ceremonies at temples. When a Preta has accumulated enough merit they are freed from their Preta status.
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Death and Chaos

Theatre script:

- Plot, main part of the story! There are many kinds, which am I going to choose for the story? I would say...transformation;
- Exposition, background, set of the play!
- Dialogue, supplements of the whole story...
- Conflict, or struggle, it'll sure impact the main plot!
- Complication, to make conflict more exciting!
- Climax, the very peak!

Where should it begin..?
Little Hae is born from Princess Zhou TingTing and Captain Soyou MoonBin. Captain Soyou serves General Chan and is very appreciated! He is a special person, always up for helping others...during the day. She has a twin brother, JunoHye, but he won't be one of the main characters of this tragicomic story.
She is raised by her dad, MoonBin. He is awesome with her, but it is obvious something is constantly troubling him. They live split from mom and twin, in the Soyou residence. Mom and dad don't talk to each other mostly, they show themselves together only in public events. In moments far from public, they tend to argue a lot, even in front of us. It is not pleasant to be together as family.

MoonBin: "Will you stop, at least in front of the children?!"
TingTing: "You started it, as usual! Your unpleasant comments, I didn't ask for this marriage!"
MoonBin: "Neither did I!"
TingTing: "It was convenient for your family, what about mine? My father wanted to make charity by agreeing to this marriage!"
MoonBin: "How dare you talk like that about my family when it was all late Generals' doing!"

Luckily MoonBin and Hae aren't with them a lot or they would be sadder. MoonBin spends all the time he can with little Hae! He teaches her even martial arts. He thought she'd be more suitable for something lighter, but it turns out she has a great physical strength! She learns basic taekwondo skills but starts to fall in love with small weapons, such as daggers. She trains even her aim with them successfully but complications accour.
At the age of 12, she starts seeing dead people, lost souls, wherever she goes. A particular kind of ghost. It is very chaotic, overall. She tells her dad, scared, but he reassures her and tell her it is nothing, not believing the word of a child about monsters.
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2 | 0 Comments | May 22nd 2021 17:07