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Rinisai's Blog

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Rinisai Hope - OC

Rinisai Hope

Name: Rinisai Hope
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: (150cm) 4'8"
Weight: 36kg
Status: Single, Has no attraction towards others. (This can change over the course of a roleplay)
Occupation: Assassin/Thief
Birthday: 20th August

Personality: Rinisai is incredibly slow to trust people. She thinks the nicest people have the most to hide. She is quick-thinking, and always has a plan for when things go wrong. She hates the idea of failure so much she is willing to pursue a mission to death. Rinisai is extremely cold, seeming to have no emotions. In truth, she just buried her emotions away, not wanting to feel the pain of loss. As of such, it is very difficult to get her to open up. It does mean she can complete her job with no guilt.
When she allows herself to feel, Rinisai is actually incredibly emotionally unstable, with untreated trauma causing her to break down into tears easily.

Likes: Purple, Water (Oceans,Baths,any really), Success, Curry, Herbal Tea, her weapon
Dislikes: Failure, Loud people, Tall people, being mistaken for a child

Abilities: Rinisai is an extremely skilled assassin. She's an expert at going unseen, and she can appear almost invisible in even dim conditions. She knows precisely where to strike to kill someone, though hitting it is another matter. She wields two daggers proficiently, and can hold her own in close combat. Her main weapon is a massive sniper rifle, which she has a fairly accurate shot with, however, her aim still needs improving over a distance. She also keeps a handgun on her belt.

Backstory: Rinisai was born into a normal family, and she loved her parents. They loved her, and she had fun living with them. Yet for no purpose, both were violently murdered by a killer she doesn't know. She found a mark of a modified goat skull cut into their corpses.

Left to the streets, Rin resorted to stealing to survive. One day, she was picked up by a trained killer who took her in and promised to teach her. Under him, she was taught to hunt people, to kill. She came to enjoy her time with him, recovering from the trauma that had hurt her youth. He was kind to her, however cruel he was to his targets, and he had given her another chance.

One day, she was caught stealing, and in the midst of running away, pulled out to a side alley. There stood a shadowed figure, who proceeded to attack her. While injured and on the ground, her mentor dropped in, grappling the offender. However, in this struggle, he was mortally wounded. As the attacker left, she crawled to his body, and was commanded to end his life. The pain she felt from this led her to try and subdue her emotions. While she studied his body, she found the same mark that had been left on her parent's corpses. In killing him, she inherited his title and began killing to earn a living.

After these events, she gained a hatred for whoever had left the mark, and took on a pure, singular goal of finding and killing them.
With her goal in mind, she picks up as many jobs as she can as a way of looking around and trying to find more clues as to where, or who, this person could be.

Appearance: Rinisai wears dark clothing, typically purple, and constantly has a hood covering her face. This cloak is too big for her, the main purpose of which is to hide her ranged weapon. Her daggers are hidden in her boots. She wears custom, close fitting clothes, that allow movement and don't get in her way. She has violet eyes and waist-length raven-purple hair that is tied back behind her. She looks much younger than she is, something caused by her height and figure. Flat as a board.

Quote: “Never say you can’t. No matter what your circumstances, no matter what you’ve gone through, keep pushing forward.” -Rinisai Hope
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Senriere (Seven Deadly Sins OC)

Seven Deadly Sins OC

Name: Senriere (Sen-ree-air)
Race: Upper Demon
Age: 1027 (around 25 in human years)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3 (161cm)

Personality: Senriere is a rather peaceful girl, enjoying relaxing and bathing for long periods of time. She isn't lazy, but dislikes too much activity. She is still fairly fesity, and a bit over the top. However, she can get worked up and lose her temper, throwing aside these normal attitudes. She is fairly nice, but her idea of a joke isn't so peaceful. Senriere longs for someone to love, but takes it in a jovial manner, making playful approaches on every man she meets.
As much as she hates fighting and violence, she is often forced to hurt people when she doesn't want to. However, when she does want to hurt someone, she can be truly deadly. She is also no stranger to alcohol. Senriere doesn't like people knowing that she is a demon, as they tend to have negative reactions.

Role: Wanderer

Magical Ability: Combo Star

Sacred Treasure: 'Morrow's Fire'
Morrow's Fire is a set of gauntlets that sit in the user's hands and extend over their knuckles. They are made of a demonic metal, making them unbreakable, and hard hitting. Usually, they are shrunk as small pentagrams on her palms.
'Falling Star': Falling Star is a simple move where she punches forward and the force of the strike carries on, creating an invisible energy surge that deals large damage on impact with the target.
'Yesterday's flare, today's flame, tomorrow's ember!': This is a 100-hit attack. During the first part of the phrase, she lifts her hands to the sky and the energy of the sun rushes down and fills the gauntlets, further amplified by her own power. For flame, she rushes forward, striking over and over with heavy punches, from all angles. For ember, she strikes the hundreth hit, swinging forward with the force of a collapsed sun. This explodes forward in a supernova consuming everything in front of her. The entire move exhausts and burns her, even to the point of serious injury.
Using these gauntlets hurt her, as due to her somewhat lazier nature, she has become unused to fighting and the shudders she receives from hitting with these can hurt.

Likes: Hot Baths, the color purple, sleeping, joking around, drinking
Dislikes: Fighting, getting angry, fish/seafood

Background: Senriere was an excitable demon when she was born. She was lively and ran around, both amusing and frustrating her parents. However, as she grew, she became much more subservient, preferring peace to fighting and relaxing to being energetic. Due to her inherent potential as a warrior, she was handpicked by the Demon King to become a warrior. Her parents forced her to train and fight, until she became strong enough to resist them. Thus, a curse was placed on her, forcing her to fight on command. Eventually, so desperate to avoid fighting, she fled from the demon realm, to Brittania. There, she lived alone, journeying and enjoying the comforts of the land. Still, whenever someone tells her to fight, the curse activates and forces her battle. To go against it causes her great agony.
Senriere also moves around a lot, fearing the demons may have sent people after her.

Heavyweight, reckless drunk

Appearance: Senriere is not the tallest person, standing at 5'3. She has a slim waist and wrists, but well muscled arms. She also has notable muscles outlining her abdomen. She usually wears a loose shirt that cuts off over her stomach, and small shorts that cut off halfway down her thighs. She has long black hair that drops to her waist, and violet eyes. When activating her magic, her clothes are turned to ash, and a darker mark crosses her body, going from behind her ear, to down her neck, then covering her chest and torso down to her thigh. She also has a long scar running down her upper back, just visible from below the shirt.
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Vomrik Chenkor (Fantasy OC)

Name: Vomrik Chenkor
Species: Dwarven
Gender: Male
Age: 147

Personality: Vomrik is gruff and usually noisy, and isn't neat in any way, shape or form. He entertains a crude sense of humour, and tends to be sociable despite his rough attitude. He's happy to make friends with anyone who'll buy him a drink, or let him buy them one. Vomrik is also a master of explosives, and while being extremely reckless in his casual, frequent use of them, he can be extremely precise with his charges when he wants to be. Normally though, his moral is 'the more the better'. He also hoards gold, almost to the degree that some dragons do. He fights with a short sword and hatchet.

Bio: Vomrik was a miner in the dwarven capital, growing up with explosive charges to expand tunnels. After a while, he grew bored of mining, and simply packed up and left. He still lives near the capital and employs his skills for the king, but enjoys making a hefty sum by selling his services out to others, particularly if it's something thrilling. As of such, he has been involved in multiple thefts. Vomrik will also take to wandering, whether with a group or alone, in search of treasure.

Random bits of information I've decided to put about all of my OCs, feel free to suggest them:

What kind of drunk are they: Crude, boisterous, careless

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Lefōl Tmast (Fantasy OC)

Elf OC

Name: Lefōl Tmast (mas-t)
Species: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 313

Personality: Lefōl is a serious, straight forward elf who tries not to make relationships outside of whoever she is stealing with. She is tactical and quick thinking, as well as an expert marksman. She is neutral towards most races, solely working to make her own living off of stealing. She'll often work with hoarders, so long as she still gets a decent cut out of the results. Lefōl can be seen as a blank slate, and doesn't often show emotions outside of happy, annoyed or mad.

Bio: Lefōl is an elf who fell out of favour with her kinsman, so much so that she left the elven kingdom. What happened is potentially to be discovered through roleplay. She quickly ran short on money, and turned to theft. Finding herself adept at the art, she soon turned to it as her main and only source of income, living off what she can take. She prefers to stay out in the forest when not involved in a heist.

Random bits of information I've decided to put about all my OCs, feel free to suggest some too:

What kind of drunk are they: Overconfident, boastful
Heavyweight. She could down a barrel and probably be fine.

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