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104 / Male / In Love
The Land-Down-Under, Australia
Hey there! I'm Rinisai (or Patrick) but Rin works just as well. If you notice a character by the name in my blog, she inherited it a while after I made the name.

Feel free to add me, I love seeing new requests! I'm down to roleplay just about anything. That being said, if you do add me, please message me first! I'll do likewise if I add you. I've met some of my best friends here, so please go ahead and add me!

I have a number of OCs, and I'm adding to them slowly. They're all in my blog, and I have a main post for navigating them:
I'm also more than willing to make new ones to fit a roleplay!

Of course, I do have some rules, though they're fairly simple, please see to them here:

Regarding my characters, almost all of their relationship statuses are neutral, so they're open for Romance, however it's not always necessary for all roleplays.
As a note, I can change small notes about my characters as well if you have concerns.

Important point!
I will write however much I feel the time demands. I typically write a paragraph, but when inspired I can go up to a novella.
I apologize in advance if I go under a paragraph as well.

That's about it! Feel free to ask questions if you're curious.

Latest Questions

Q. hey I was wondering if you wanted to continue our RP sorry to bother you if your busy.
A. Sorry! I've been kept fairly busy at the moment, and haven't had as much time. Starting to clear up, so I should be online more.
 May 16th 2019 06:58

Latest Comments

Awe thank you so much. That means a lot to me.
Aug 12th 2019 16:16

Meeting you was probably the greatest thing that happened to me! You deserve the world
May 20th 2019 17:26

Hello I just wanna say I really enjoy are RP are OC's are slowly becoming like best friends and it's great. :)
May 16th 2019 05:28

"How to like a comment???"
Jan 7th 2019 19:44

If you have artists' block, try drawing your ocs
Aug 8th 2018 22:30