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(Asato Ayami)
23 / Male / Single
Fresno, California - United States
I am a gamer and I love to game so just a warning before anything, I may ask to add you on discord since this site does not have any real form of notifications besides filling up my email which I turned off those settings.

The reason I say this is, I am likely to be playing something for example the Dark Souls series and forget to respond. ^^

Firstly: Welcome to my page and I hope you read this, I may be terrible at trying to get my point across but I did put effort into this. ^^

Secondly: My characters below are what I can use comfortably anything else will be of lesser quality but it is very possible for me to create a new character for any roleplay.

Third: If you have an issue with this profile then kindly go away. ^^

Fourth: Since everyone seems to enjoy flaunting how long they have been roleplaying, I am on 11 years of roleplaying but just like everyone years don't really matter it is more about your style and literacy which can't exactly be explained quickly... I am basically insulting everyone who thinks putting how long they have been roleplaying makes them special somehow. ^^

Update: I couldn't get my images to embed into the descriptions on this website so I will post the links with them ;~;

Character #1

Character Name: Rin
Gender: Male
Species: Neko
Age: 22
Height: 5'3ft
Weight: 95lb
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye color: Amber
Personality: Kind hearted but mischievous at time, He likes to have fun and joke but should he ever take a joke too far he is the type to feel guilt and try to make it up to the person.
If you happen to earn his trust he will be a very loyal friend and sometimes more.

S/O: Gay (Submissive)

Character #2

Character name: Asato
Gender: Male
Species: Demon/Dragon
Age: 24
Height: 5'4ft
Weight: 110lbs
Hair color: Bright green
Eye color: Crimson
Personality: Asato has a very c*cky attitude as well as a very crude and cruel humor and wants to face things that he thinks should be difficult for a normal person, He fights to become stronger, There is no reason beside personally wanting it but behind all of that is a very insecure person who can at times cling to someone and when his walls are broken down even seek protection from them.

S/O: Gay (Submissive)

There is no story for these characters because I won't define these characters to a specific genre or story line because I enjoy creating the RP world with whom ever I am going to RP with and not doing some predetermined world.

Character #3

Character Name: Misaki Silence

I have a 3rd character but it is not posted because it is only for seriously long and combat orientated roleplays, My characters are based off parts of my own personality which is why I can play them so well, My 3rd character if you wish for it is a female character named Misaki, She is very strong emotionally and mentally, She loves to start fights and finish them as well, She is very violent and cruel and honestly the only way to describe her is a demon in a beautiful body, She uses her looks to fool everyone into thinking she is kind when she has no problem ending a life while laughing and smiling while blood covers her face, If you decide to pick this one I will get the details and the photos for her and welcome you into hell.

Also there is in no way, shape or form will Misaki ever take part in smut, This character would rather cut off your "Jewels" Before participating in sexual acts.

Character #4

Character Name: Ryu
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Age: 9000
Human like form height: 6'2
Human like form weight: 145lbs
Hair color: Black with a silver shine.
Eye color: Crimson.
Personality & Backstory: Ryu is a proud dragon and usually will be found in his dragon form not minding the small beings around him but once in awhile he will be found in his smaller form wandering and watching humanity curiously, He is unlike his kind who would crush every being that dares look at them wrong, Ryu is extremely curious with the insignificant beings that in habit the towns far off in the distance from his mountains. But he has always been different, Almost kind to the few smaller beings he has had the pleasure of speaking with.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (Dominate)

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An amazing quote by Oppenheimer and a kitty, What could be better than death and Satan?
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