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(WolfShifter Ricky)
18 / Male / Broken Hearted
none_ya, Missouri - United States
Hello thanks for stopping by and reading my profile! Before we get into the details I just had to say I'm not a furry, but I’m a straight guy, only into girls…. thanks for stopping in :)
Now for roleplays....
- I don’t like short responses it I can tolerate them.... but I love longer ones with more details.
- I love romances with action, it’s just really fun
- I can do any subject of roleplay as long as it is interesting with a good plot
- I love to do wolf/ human/ shapeshifter roleplays as well.... (who doesn’t like being a wolf?)
- if you have any other questions about role playing feel free to ask me!!!! I don’t mind

Don’t be afraid to send me a friend request, I won’t bite…. Unless I have to… lol, im here to have fun, add me and join me for an adventure of a lifetime.

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goodnight everyone, sweet dreams.....
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(I honestly don’t know I’m just going with the flow and I’m sorry but I do not know midevil events/terms/era so my knowledge is very little)
10 hours ago

Thanks for the add ♥️
Jan 17th 2022 23:15

I responded finally
Dec 6th 2021 17:38

I’m back -Smile-
Oct 18th 2021 09:59