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(Rhaea )
24 / Female / Single
Colorado - United States
I'm pretty much Open to try any rp and if I'm not I'll tell you. Feel free to message me anytime.

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Q. Please rp with me? I am waiting for you. And I am waiting for you in discord
A. Not to be rude but are you that desperate? I've told you many times before I'll be on when I'm on. Give me a chance.
 Nov 4th 2018 17:44

Q. I saw your post
A. I hate telemarketers. That's all there is.
 Oct 11th 2018 21:14

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i have work early
i will be on by 730 am new york time kisss yuo are amazing my baby girl
Apr 18th 2019 23:48

Mar 18th 2019 13:55

you are amazing
Mar 1st 2019 00:06

Let's rp
Jul 8th 2018 22:27

Hey,Can we roleplay? If not, you are free to remove me
May 23rd 2018 23:53

Role play?
May 24th 2017 03:16