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21 / Female / Single
Connecticut - United States
Hey everybody

My last account got deleted today after only being 3 days old! Yay me
I was last called SubmissivePet guess they didnt like it so uh..Yea.

Rules are simple dont be a dick and i do certain types of rp so you should ask me about it and dont be afraid to get a bit out of your comfort zone with me, Ask me literally anything and i will answer it.

Moving on i do ask you to not be a dick to me or anything and understand that i do have a life and wont be able to reply everyday, I dont expect it from you either so its fair.I have a discord and kik and i like to use characters i make as my profile for them, Right now my Discord is my primary tool of use so guess what..If you wanna rp with me more often you should probably consider asking for it and i will gladly give it over to you
Now onward to the next topic, Im a pretty laid back girl i mean i love video games and i know..a lot about em so if you wanna chat about it im your person, I would like to think im pretty decent at roleplay though i could always get better as could anyone at anything really, I do mature roleplays with mature people mainly because i enjoy them more.

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Let's rp
Jan 22nd 2019 01:03