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"For Love, I will handle your sins."


FULL NAME: Persephone

Queen of Underworld
Goddess of Spring

AGE: Unknown

BIRTHDAY: 20th of March

GENDER: Female

OCCUPATION: Goddess of Rebirth, Spring, and Queen of Underworld


PARENTS: Zeus and Demeter


PERSONALITY: Persephone is graceful and considerate, and loves to help those around her. Although seemingly innocent, she is not one to be toyed with as she holds the capability to stand up for herself and do what is right.

Persephone grew up with her mother, as Zeus was barely around to help raise her. This made her a bit sad, but was thankful to have Demeter by her side. When she was abducted by Hades, Persephone would resent Hades; however, this changed when she saw a side of Hades that no one had seen before.

He treated her with respect and compassion, building beautiful gardens within the Underworld dedicated to her, and she fell in love with the God of Death. She understood what it meant to be loved and be in love.


PERSEPHONE'S HISTORY: Persephone was born to Zeus and harvest-goddess, Demeter. Zeus, however, did not care enough for Persephone, and was barely present in her life, leaving Demeter to raise Persephone alone.

Hades was known for rarely leaving the Underworld, but one of the few times he did venture above ground, he came across Persephone, the Goddess of Spring, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, and he fell instantly in love with her.

When Hades consulted his brother, Zeus, who had previously promised him a choice of his daughters in marriage, he accepted the request of Hades, but he knew that Persephone's mother, Demeter, would never allow her daughter to marry the God of the Underworld.

Heartbroken at the idea that he would never be with Persephone, the two brothers came up with a plan that would allow Hades to make Persephone his wife.

The next morning, Demeter and her daughter descended upon the Earth, and Persephone was left with the Nymphs of the sea as her guides and watchers while her mother tended to the Earth. Knowing that the nymphs would never let Persephone out of their sight for fear of Demeter's wrath, Zeus had Gaia plant a narcissus flower in a nearby garden.

Wondering into the garden alone, Persephone saw the narcissus flower and was immediately drawn to its beauty. When she stooped down to pick the flower, the Earth beneath her began to quake and a gaping chasm soon appeared from that chasm emerged Hades and his chariot of black horses.

He grabbed Persephone before she was able to scream for help. The Nymph Sion had seen the abduction and attempted to rescue Persephone, but she was no match for Hades. Upon seeing her friend descend deep into the Underworld, she began to cry until she melted into a pool of her own tears, forming the river Sion.

When Demeter returned, her daughter was nowhere to be found. When she asks the Nymphs that she had left to watch over her daughter, they had no answer. Furious that they were unable to protect her daughter, she cursed them with plumed bodies, scaly feet, and wings; they would now be called the Sirens.

It was felt the Sion washed up the belt of Persephone that Demeter knew something dreadful had happened to her daughter. Demeter was driven mad by her daughter's disappearance; she roamed the Earth for days on end, searching and not fulfilling her duties as Goddess of the Harvest and Fertility.

The Earth began to dry, harvests began to fail, plants withered, and animals died. Because of the lack of food, Famine spread across the Earth; the actions of Demeter resulted in untold misery. The cries of those suffering could even be heard on mount olympus, and Zeus knew that if he did not stop Demeter's wrath, humanity would disappear.

He promised to bring Persophone back from the Underworld if it could be proved that Hades was holding her against her will.

During her time in the Underworld, Hades had beautiful gardens built for Persephone, and she was treated with respect and compassion. She saw a side to Hades that no-one else had ever seen before, and she began to fall in love with him.

Hades had heard what Zeus proposed and readied his chariot to return Persephone, but he was terrified that when given the choice, Persephone would not return to him, and so he gave her one last gift. A Pomegranate.

In Greek Mythology, it was believed that if one ate food given to them by their captor, they would always return to that person. When Persephone was asked where she would like to live, she told Zeus and Demeter that she wished to stay in the Underworld with her husband.

Demeter was infuriated with the response, and she was convinced that Hades had somehow tricked her daughter. After a heated discussion, Demeter made it known that if her daughter did not return, she would never again make the Earth fertile.

Zeus decided that Persephone the portion of the year with her husband, Hades, and the rest with her mother, on Olympus. And to this day, the love between Hades and Persephone continues to grow, still deeply in love with one another.
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"For a true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart."



God of Skies
King of Gods
God of Lightning

AGE: Unknown, although he was born 3718 years ago.

BIRTHDAY: 2nd April


OCCUPATION: King of Gods | God of Justice & Honor

ORIENTATION: Is most likely straight

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Zeus is married to three different women named Metis, Themis, and Hera.

CHILDREN: Zeus has many children; however, the ones that are the most known today are; Hercules, Persephone, Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Ares, and Athena.

SACRED ANIMALS: Zeus has the power to transform into an Eagle, Wolf, Woodpecker, Lion, Bull, Swan puma mountain lion cougar.



HEIGHT: 6' 8" (209cm)

WEIGHT: 260lbs

HAIR COLOUR: Sometimes Zeus is seen with blond hair while other times with white.

EYE COLOUR: Zeus has electric blue eyes, and they turn pure white when he uses the powers of lightning.


PERSONALITY: Zeus is known to be very generous and forgiving, not to mention compassionate. He's known his father's family what it means to be treated with respect, and because of this, Zeus is one of the most respected Gods.

Despite his caring, compassionate personality, Zeus is easily driven by love, and has a reputation for dating many people, including mortals. His need to love and to be loved often causes him to commit infidelity, much to his wife, Hera's chagrin, he is Truly a God of honor. He is rightfully proud of his position as King of Gods, forever hogging the limelight in many Greek myths.

Zeus is a carefree god who loves to laugh, and is regarded as wise, fair, just, merciful, and prudent. He is unpredictable, and dislikes it when people commit gruesome sins, such as murder and cannibalism.

Zeus is much more different than his father, as his father was selfish, cruel, and ignorant—Zeus grew up to become the complete opposite, and rescued his brothers and sisters from his selfish wrath. He cares deeply for his family.


ZEUS'S HISTORY: Zeus was born away from his father, Kronos, allowing him to grow up in a safe environment. Unfortunately, his siblings didn't receive the same fate, as they were swallow whole by Kronos and trapped for years to come to prevent the prophecy that one day his children will overthrow him.

Zeus was grateful that his mother took the time to save him from his father, but once he'd come of age, he saw it as his duty to rescue his family. His brothers and sisters, and the rest of his father's abandoned family.

Following the overthrow of first the Titans and then the Giants by the Olympian gods, Zeus drew lots with his brothers Hades and Poseidon to decide which part of the world each would rule. Zeus received the sky, Poseidon the seas, and Hades the underworld.

As years began to pass, Zeus eventually falls in love and marries Metis, the Titaness of Wise Counsel. When he found out that she would bear him a son more powerful than him, Zeus swallowed the pregnant Metis. Luckily, a daughter, Athena was born, so no danger posed to Zeus.

It was selfish of him to do this, but because Metis was now trapped inside of him, her wise nature merged with his, allowing him to become more mature and understanding.

His next wife was the Titaness of Justice, Themis, Zeus's aunt. When she gave birth to three Fates, Zeus ended the marriage for fear of a more powerful child. Perhaps he was afraid of being betrayed by his own.

Zeus next married Eurynome, Metis's sister, and had the three Graces with her. Later the god fell in love with his sister, Demeter, and had the goddess, Persephone as daughter with her, whom later marries Hades.

Many more years later, Zeus eventually marries his aunt, Mnemosyne, Titaness of Memory, and fathered the nine muses with her.

Finally, Zeus falls in love with his elder and most beautiful sister, Hera and married her as queen. He remained faithful for 300 years.

I know, that's a lot of take in with this one, but he truly is a good person, despite the infidelity.
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"I have watched from the Underworld... it is time for the Mortals to pay."



Grim Reaper
God of Death
King of the Underworld

AGE: Unknown

BIRTHDAY: 1st November



OCCUPATION: God of Death | King of the Underworld

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to Persephone


HEIGHT: 6' 0" (184cm)

WEIGHT: 160 lbs

EYE COLOUR: His eyes tend to be dark, somewhat dark red or dark brown; sometimes even alice blue.

HAIR COLOUR: His hair is normally black, which suits his dark, deadly appearance.


PERSONALITY: Hades never planned to become the God of Underworld, but he drew the lot, thus he must keep the promise with his brother, Zeus, who rescued him from his father. Despite having a rocky relationship with Zeus, Hades is still grateful for what Zeus had done for him, and tries to show his appreciate... sometimes.

Hades is most often represented as a more mature man; however, as charming as he is, he is still manipulative and quick to annoy, and doesn't take it lightly when things don't go his way. As dark and ruthless as he may be, Hades has given a few Mortals a chance to fight for their loved one, and if they win, he'll resurrect them. If not, then he keeps them in his realm forever.

This alone shows that Hades isn't as evil as most people portray him. He's easily moved when he witnesses someone fight for their love; for the love of their life, which could suggest that Hades has soft spot for "Love."

Surprisingly, Hades isn't as harsh towards the wicked as most people would expect; however, he will becomes cruel if they dared to try cheating death. If a Mortal were to disrespect his existence, then you can bet Hades will become mercilessly brutal with them.

Hades is deeply in love with his wife Persephone, meaning that his undying loyalty to her is strong, and therefore, won't be chasing after other females.


HISTORY OF HADES: When Hades was born, his father feared the prophecy that a son would someday overthrow him, causing his own fear to get the best of him and swallow Hades whole, trapping him for many years to come.

Hades was later saved by his younger brother Zeus, though, and he's still grateful to this day.

Following the overthrow of first the Titans and then the Giants by the Olympian gods, Hades drew lots with his brothers Zeus and Poseidon to decide which part of the world each would rule. Zeus received the sky, Poseidon the seas, and Hades the underworld.

He has been held in superstitious awe by many ordinary Greeks. Indeed, even to speak his name was avoided; instead epithets were used such as Eubuleus (giving good advice). Hades was the only god not to reside on Mount Olympus, dwelling instead in a dark palace beneath the earth.

The god also had a helmet made by Hephaistos which rendered the wearer invisible, and it was this helmet that was used by Athena when she fought Ares in Homer’s account of the Trojan War in the Iliad and by Perseus in his quest for the head of Medusa.

As years continued to pass, Hades eventually fell in love with Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, and abducted her to live with him. When Hermes discovered this, he demanded Persephone be returned to Demeter and it was decided that if she had not eaten any food from Hades, she could return to the upper world.

However, Hades tricked the young woman into eating a pomegranate seed and therefore she could only return to the living for half of the year. This mythological story was symbolic perhaps of the cycle of life and death, planting and harvest.
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“You cursed my soul… now my mind is dead.”



The Cursed Gorgon
Former Priestess Of Athena

AGE: Unknown

BIRTHDAY: October 31st, 1808

ORIENTATION: Demisexual (She falls in love when she does, no specific gender)

SPCIES: Grogon

OCCUPATION: Guardian of her own temple



HEIGHT: 5’ 5”

WEIGHT: 140 lbs (165cm)

EYE COLOUR: Her Scleras are either yellow, black or white, and her irises red or green.

HAIR: Her beautiful dark hair has been replaced with snakes, green snakes who will stop at nothing to protect their host.


PERSONALITY: Medusa was known as one of the most kind, loyal person, and took her role as Athena’s priestess seriously. For a long time, Medusa has found difficulty reconciling with her new identity, but eventually comes to embrace her role and begins to take her vengeance on men as this is one of the only ways that she can attempt to get even with Poseidon.

Her kind, generous nature fades by day as more men, hunters, come to disrespect her existence, causing her to become more vengeful towards mankind—or humankind in general.

She is distrusting, meaning that gaining her trust is going to be more than a challenge, especially after what Poseidon had done to her—that includes the hunters who are still trying to bring her harm.

Originally, Medusa is very sweet, considerate and compassionate, but only to those who will return her the same favor.


MEDUSA'S HISTORY: Medusa, the woman with snakes in place of hair, is probably one of the most well-known creatures in Greek Mythology. However, she was not always like this.

Daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, two primordial deities of the sea. Medusa was born with incredible beauty and snatched the gaze of many. Yet despite her seductive appearance, Medusa was chaste and pure. And because she admired the Goddess Athena, she decided to become priestess of the temple dedicated to Athena.

Virginity and chastity were indispensable requirements for the position, and Medusa was a perfect priestess, perhaps too perfect even. Because she was so beautiful, the number of visitors who went to the temple just to admire her grew everyday. This made the Goddess Athena very jealous. For having the most beautiful hair of all Greece, a citizen dared to say that her hair would be much prettier than the hair of Goddess Athena, although hurt and enraged, Athena did not take revenge.

Nevertheless, one day when the shore was near, Medusa was spotted by Poseidon, god of the Seas. He fell in love with the girl right away, yet she resisted the constant flirtations from the God. Poseidon had a personal feud with Goddess Athena, and so owning her priestess became an obsession. Tired of being rejected, the God decides to possess her by force. Desperate, Medusa runs into the temple of Athena in pursuit of protection.

Poseidon enters the temple behind her, grabs the young woman and takes advantage of her on the floor in front of the Goddess Statue. After the violence ended, the Goddess was enraged, and decided to transform her priestess into a Gorgon, for the Goddess to punish Poseidon was out of the question, since she considered that his act was of the male entity's nature.

Athena cursed the young woman, turning her beautiful hair into snakes, and from this day forward, anyone who dares to turn an eye to her beauty will have their gaze thrown back at them, turning them into stone.

Medusa was now chased by warriors who wished for her head as a trophy, but were all turned into stone. The Hero Perseus was finally able to decapitate the creature, but this becomes irrelevant to her Roleplay story, since she will still alive.

As sad as this is, people see Athena’s curse as a gift, as Medusa will no longer be used by other males and will finally be able to protect herself; everytime a man turns an eye to her beauty will have their inappropriate gaze thrown back at them, instantly turning them into stone. Her character is used as an emblem on shelters at the time, for women who have been raped or abused by men. Medusa is known as a symbol of Female Power.


Medusa can be Roleplayed through the Modern days or old days, depending on which year the RP partner wants to pick. Her history will remain the same, and I won't change her for any genre.

This Medusa is inspired by the second Myth and I wish to keep it that way. Thank you for reading.
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