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99 / Female / Single
Serifos, Medusa's home, Greece
Hello. I'm a Novella/Para, Literate RPer. I've been a huge fan of Mythology for a long time, and I thought it would be fun to RP as my favourite Greek Myth character.

Medusa is inspired by the second myth, where Poseidon gets involved. The details are in her Profile Blog. I'm not RPing as anyone one, and I am not changing her history to fit a genre, especially "real life." She is Medusa.

She can RP within the modern world, ancient world or within our 1900s. It all depends on the year my partner's MC is currently living in. Also, if you send me a friendship request, then please message me first.

I have Discord, so you can add me on there too. I'll give it to those who want it.