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30 / Male / In a Relationship
United States
Hello and welcome.
I am a long time roleplayer with over a decade of active experience. I'm not new to this site but please treat me with respect and shall do the same. I have a very strong preference for literate multipara and novella roleplays and would highly prefer someone who is experienced and well written (both in spelling and in grammar). I always try to give the best product I can when writing. I am easily captivated in well written OC characters as well as character development so write your character(s) well and we'll get along great! I also don't mind roleplaying more realistic characters/themes and finding realistic face claims if that is your preference. All you need to do is ask!

I do hope we can be friends if given the chance. I'm quite friendly, I think.
If you prefer to chat then please feel free to add me! I enjoy engaging in conversation just as much as I like to write stories.

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