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23 / Female / In a Relationship
"Humans tend to think logically, but their actions are driven by emotions."
~Muroto Sumire, Black bullet.

Roleplay status: I'm not very active lately

Usually I have no idea what to say about what kind of roleplays I like, and others often answer those questions with just "romance" or "fantasy" and then I still know nothing.
So could you tell me, what is your favourite roleplay uptil now about?

I may or may not have trouble being really excited about a roleplay when I don't know the person behind it. So feel free to tell me about yourself, kay?~

I play male characters as much as female characters.

I can be arrogant, I can be blunt. Come on and give me a challenge.

No one liners, please!

The world is boring as it is.


If you're out of inspiration, add my other account: @A_scene_for_a_scene it's made just for the purpose of inspiring people.