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>/RULES /<

Hi ! And thanks for reading this.

1) I don't like one line roleplay, I prefer to have at least a few so we can keep things interesting. I do my best to be literate but I'm still struggling, so please make me notice if I make some kind of mistake.

2) We're adults so if there's something you want to discuss about the roleplay tell me, we can always change things and in case I can rewrite a message. I won't be mad at you, so please keep it in mind.

3) I reply whenever I can and I feel to, so if my replies takes a while that's the reason, I don't want this to be stressful.

4) If you add me a message is appreciated, even just to say hi. ❤

5) If you don't want to discuss a plot feel free to contact me in character, it's fun.

6) I have just a few limits but please respect them.

That's all !
Feel free to ask any question you want.
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Sigmund "Sieg" Homunculi

Name: Sigmund Homunculi.

Age: Undefined.
(He's body is created using alchemy, he can't get sick or age.)

Gender: Male.

Personality: Sieg is often quiet, reservate, but always curious about the world. He's pretty naive due to his lack of knowledge, but even so he always tend to help others. Behind his serious expression there's a kind heart, who can be a little stubborn at times, but all he can do is follow his instinct.

Passive Abilities: enhanched endurance, enhanced agility, enhanced strength, excellent swordsman, mana drain, noble heart.
(-Mana Drain, Sieg is capable of draining mana and magical essence out of his foes.
Noble Heart, Sieg's heart calls him, telling him where he is needed to help people in trouble.)

Active Abilities: Magecraft, He's able to understand magic but he can only use one spell which allow him to analy the structure of an object and destroy it. The spell requires a lot of mana so he always use it just to counter other attacks, on a small object the spell would do is work in less than a second, however he has to touch it.

Backstory: The young homunculus was just a servant, a slave, nobles used him to entertain friends and test their weapons, he was just a puppet with no memories. Even when he managed to escape his destiny was to die, his body was designed to deteriorate in three years or less, running away was totally useless.
But someone refused to believe that the destiny of someone was just to die and offered him his heart, the magic heart of the hero gave him some supernatural abilities and stopped deterioration. Sieg blamed the hero for that, he was nothing more than a puppet, and that's when he recieved his duty.
"I won't waste this heart, I'll be the one who gave me another life."
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