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(Sigmund Homunculi)
24 / Male / Single
Non US, Italy
Hi !
Nice to meet you all,I'm Ren and this is my first approach toroleplay so I'll hope to meet someone nice who can teach me the basics.
Anyway, english isn't my first language and my grammar kinda sucks but I'll try my best to improve.
Thanks for reading ! Now, time for the important stuffs...

I can do both literate and illiteral roleplay, so we can easily discuss about that, your preferences are mine as well ! Admin here is always kind and patient, we can talk about every detail without any problem.
Last thing, every genre is fine, from action to romance or n*fw, so feel free to ask for everything. <3

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"I wanted some new clothes for my wardrobe, but I feel like I've been deceived."
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7  Jan 13th 2021 04:36

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