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Ezikiyal Valare, Monk to the Spirits.

Ezikiyal Valare

Age: 31
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6ft3
Sexual Orientation: Gay (Dominant)

Powers/Abilities/Attributes: He has the ability to make contact with spirits and enter the spirit realm by astral projection. He is a master in martial arts and hand to hand combat though most often wields a wooden staff. Prioritizing self defense. He can also call on the spirits to aid him if needed.

Quote: "In serenity we find ourselves, in discipline we overcome our weakness and in love and purpose do we rend hatred and fear to the void"

Appearance: Ezikiyal is a tall and muscular man. He is by no means brawny or large, his muscles are toned and confined to his reasonably slender form. However his body is rather triangular with a broad shoulders and a slim waist. His skin is just mildly tanned and his hair Ashen white. His eyes are a icy blue and his facial features rather serious and contemplative. One might look at him and think him unwelcoming and brooding but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Personality: Ezikiyal is a stoic and mild mannered by nature. Things that cause him hardship are not something to dwell over but simply things to overcome. He is not a very emotional man he keeps his emotions tightly in check and would rather not complain or make a show and dance of his feelings especially when they are negatively inclined. Instead he deals with them like an obstacle that must be overcome. However that is not to say that he is an emotionless robot. He is a calm and serene man and enjoys his relatively simple life. He is actually quite a content man naturally, open minded and warm to all those who come in peace. He enjoys listening to pilgrim's and traveler's stories and as such is a incredibly good listener. Though that might be because he hasn't much a way with words often seeming perhaps a little blunt in the way he speaks but he would mean no harm by it. Further he is a rather protective man, this comes naturally to him after all he is very much a guardian in Gaia's absence.

Backstory: Ezikiyal was born among the village situated directly inside Gaia's ancient forests. They are a village of people who follow Gaia's teachings and live among nature and the spirits in harmony. Ezikiyal's parents live in the village and brought im up to have a very much ordinary life. However when he was but a boy his parents took him all the way up the 10000 steps to the temple of Gaia and the last chosen of Gaia, Harria Tanter who was nearing the end of her life. She had secluded herself to the temple on the side of the mountain in which the elder tree watches over the forest. Harria knew her time was coming, that she would pass on her duty of chosen to the next generation. When the family, Ezikiyal his mother and father came to pay their respects Harria noted the young boy who was only five years old. He was a quiet respectful boy much unlike any other boy his age. He was not as boyishly energetic but calm and gentle mannered.

Harria saw this boy had an affinity for the spirits and told his parents then and there that she wished to tutor him. His parents were of course over joyed that the chosen of Gaia saw something in their son and were happy to seem him tutored by one of the most powerful people in Mavis. For 6 years right up until her death she taught him how to commune with the spirits, how to defend himself and to find the balance withing his heart. Even at his teachers death her teachings sprung true. That he should not grieve her death, he should remember her and keep her alive in his memory. Just as he should every living thing, to grieve is to not understand that death is never the end. Everything that lives will always continue on whether that be shown physically like the death of an animal providing sustenance for the ground and plants that it once it self ate. Whether it be the death of a loved one, they never truly die as your memories of them and everything they taught you will always live on within yourself. And even when you meet your end you will live on in memory of those who loved you and your flesh will become one with the world that gave birth to you.

In those teachings he found comfort and pledged himself to be a monk to the spirits and Gaia. He aided those of the village below and the spirits above. He is a bridge between two worlds and tasked with continuing the balance. Though his life is simplistic he finds it fulfilling.
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Penelope Merida Auroria, The Bewitching Witch....

Penelope Merida Auroria, The Bewitching Witch of Glamour and Glitz.

Age: 19
Sex: Female
Species: Half Human/Fae
Height: 5ft2
Sexual Orientation: Straight (Versatile)

Powers/Abilities/Attributes: She specializes in illusion and spatial magic, her illusions are so powerful they are absolutely tangible. And she can teleport and blink around at will like it is second nature to her.

Quote: "Impossible?! That is just a stupid word made up by stupid people."

Appearance: She is very peculiar looking. Her hair is naturally a vibrant cobalt blue and her eyes a dark pink like the most effervescent amethysts. Her skin is a light ivory colour. Her body is slender, though her bust is rather ample for her size. Her body is flawless there seems not to be one scar or imperfection on her skin she is almost doll like in appearance.

Personality: Penelope is a woman who is simply full of pep, utterly zesty and vivacious. It is her most defining trait. Though she can also be rather mischievous at times and often uses her peculiar but overall amicable and beautiful looks to tease and toy with people who she finds interesting. She doesn't have much in the way of shame and cares little for how others perceive her. She is quite the cheerful handful and is utterly untameable. She quite enjoys teasing those who are strait-laced or overly pious simply because she finds it entertaining to see them blush or clutch their pearls. She has a particular interest in the more stoic as they are her complete opposite and she is intrigued by them and will take it as a challenge to pry something out of them. Penelope often seems rather flippant. And even though she is not a fan of violence or interested in the wider worlds problems, she will stand up to people who needlessly cause harm. After all there is no fun in hurting the innocent.;

Backstory: Penelope was the lovechild between a travelling mage by the name of Tennick Cay and a Fae by the name of Elandria Auroria. Fae are creatures that are powerful spirits their mana and magic ability so strong they could manifest themselves in physical form upon the mortal realm whenever they saw fit. So strong they could survive the turbulence of their own archaic realm and make a paradise out of it.

Tennick a mage from the college was a man who studied the magical properties of the spirit world it was what he had devoted his life too. He spent most of his time within the enchanted forests to the east. The forests of Gaia. Here he studied the incredibly magical and spiritual creatures and plants that inhabited only this forest. They could not be found anywhere else on Mavis as this place was where the connection to the spirit realm was strongest. In his study and exploration he was being watched by Elandria a Fae princess. She was playfully devious and rebellious girl. She so loved the mortal realm far more than her own world. She was a troublemaker through and through. She took a liking to Tennick due to his ability to see though her silly pranks and snarky remarks. Over the years their peculiar friendship blossomed and Elandria would begin to fall for the mortal man. A thing that was rather forbidden in Fae society. To love a mortal creature was simply unheard of. While Fae care little for having multiple partners and having fun with whoever they wish even mortals. However to fall in love with one was absolutely taboo. After all the Fae will usually have a companion who they will be bound by love and that bond become palpable so much so their joining results in them sharing their life force and becoming stronger. Though this also means, if one perishes so will the other. A double edged sword if you will.

Which for Fae is fine, they live for hundreds of years longer than many generations of mortals. In essence to fall for a mortal is to die as a mortal. And when it was found Elandria and Tennick were in love Elandria was banished from the spirit realm where she could never return forced to live as a mortal. Though she cared little for that as her and the Mage were deeply in love and that love created a child. The first of its kind a half Fae/Human. Though Elandria sadly died soon after child birth and as she died so did Tennick. After all they shared each others life force. The spirits of the forest took pity on the new born girl, they would not leave her to the whims of the forest. They took the now orphan girl to the village within the forest devoted to Gaia and situated around his shrine. There she was brought up by a witch, a apothecary who was a gentle and calm woman. She went by the name of Trish Teleman. She was nothing like Penelope but though their relationship was turbulent at times due to Penelope's eccentric ways Penelope thinks highly of her after all she was her mother for all intensive purposes and taught her how to use and control her magic.

Presently Penelope is off gallivanting and enjoying her youth, and who knows where life may take her?
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Elliard Arkentay, The Exiled Son

Elliard Arkentay

Age: 26
Sex: Male
Species: Orc
Height: 6ft2
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Dominant)

Powers/Abilities/Attributes: Wielder of Tempestas' Wrath. A sword blessed by the goddess of the seas. He is an incredibly skilled swordsman and an all round close combats physical fighter. Blessed with the regenerative abilities of the mighty kraken.

Quote: "Better an honorable exile than a tyrannical king."

Appearance: Olive green skin and bright yellow eyes. He is tall muscular and brawny with a rather rugged look. Though physically fit he is by no means slender most things about him are large though he still has a triangular torso and thick muscular legs. His beard stubbly and not well kept. His hair black and shaved at the sides. He has two sharp tusks overlapping his upper lip. He has prominent features and a few scars all over his body. His ears are quite big and pointed.

Personality: Elliard is a mans man. He takes great pride in his form, his strength and his power. He is not often one for kind words, in fact is only once in a blue moon one would ever leave his mouth. He can be short tempered and seemingly distant. However despite his overly macho behavior he is a man of his word his a protector by nature and though he may seem and act intimidating, he always does the right thing. He see's potential in everyone and thrives with those who always strive to better themselves no matter how weak or lowly they are. Though his hatred for those who become stagnant who are prideful without deserving it, and pick on those that are weaker than them, this is what he hates.

Backstory: The first son of the Orc chieftain to the southern chiefdom. He was to be the successor to lead the hordes to victory. Their real was an aggressive one, the upper echelons of their war chiefs committed atrocity after atrocity for expedient gains of money and women. They cared little for anyone other than what they could use them for.

Since the high chieftain, Elliards grandfather took his position as high chieftain and united the seven Orcish clans. Though this united front was no good thing, not at all. the horrible unspeakable things their cheifdom has done to the surrounding kingdoms but especially the western kingdom. Enslaving, raping, pillaging and causing destruction in their wake where ever their hordes raid.
Their realm is either feared or hated. Though the southern kingdoms were not always like this. Before chiefdom, before there were even distinct groups of Orcs they lived in relative harmony. In the hot climate of the south they lived in a society where strength and honour reigned supreme. Only those who were strong enough and loved enough ever lead their people, a true meritocracy. But of course some grew corrupt with that power, though once seemingly honorable clung to the power the had been granted. They created a hierarchical system that subjugated the weak, proclaiming themselves to have the blood of Ignis and that only their bloodlines will ever hold the keys to leading their people.
Of course none of this was true, simply a web of lies those who were greedy spun to hold onto the power they had gained.

To this day this web of lies is strong, the powerful men who sit as war chiefs use there prowess and manipulation to rule and do as they please. But Elliard, the first son of the high chieftain Kolkan Arkentay was a man born with a honorable heart. From a young age he saw what his father did, what his family did. He would speak up against it, question it. He knew what they did was wrong but all of them would call him a fool, call him weak for not partaking in the awful deeds they committed. Those higher up even his father began to despise him. He began to make a name for himself. He caused uprising in the populace by outing his fathers lies. The civilians began to support him, and they chiefs could not allow it. Though they could not kill him either, he was the high chiefs first son and it would merely make him a martyr and so they banished him from his home in the south. It has been 4 years since he was banished and ever since he has been roaming Relectran to train his body soul and mind. To one day return to his homeland and gather the support of its people to overthrow the tyrannical chiefs.

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Handa Leister, The Runaway Apprentice

Handa Leister

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5ft11
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Versatile)

Powers/Abilities/Attributes: A incredibly skilled magician, he is able to dabble in most magical fields though he tends to stay away from the darker side of magic.

Quote: "I can't run from my problems? Ha! Just you watch!"

Appearance: Short dark hair with a moderate beard on his chiseled jaw. He is faintly tanned and slender with deep set dark hazel eyes. He's conventionally handsome in a boyish sort of way.

Personality: Handa is a man who loves exploring and seeing the wonders of the world. He is not the kind of man to stay in the same place for all that long. He is charismatic and very much easy going. Or perhaps he likes others to see him that way. He is warm in a sweep you off your feet kind of way, he will dazzle and amaze until of course those problems he likes to run so steadfast from catch up with him. He is a very compassionate man, though his will and fortitude are somewhat lacking. Some may call him a spineless coward and maybe they're right, but give him time and he will face what he needs too when the time comes to pass.

Backstory: Handa was a skilled wizard endowed with the gifts of magic from birth. He showed much promise in his raw skill and ability. So much so he was uprooted from his home to be given direct tutelage by the Arch mage. The Arch mage by the name of Nalin took on many a promising orphan, none as promising as Handa however. He would scout orphanages for those with the innate magical ability and offer them a way out. He would train them as an apprentice as long as when they were called on by the Arch mage they would answer. A contract magically binding, though what child would care for that? They were to be free of the metaphorical shackles of the orphanage and learn magic!

From the age of seven Handa excelled in his magical ability surpassing many of his piers who were even a decade older than him. Such raw ability was rare especially from an orphan boy who's parents were lost to Orc raids. But as an apprentice he was no budding scholar here of his own volition or with a scholarship saved for by his loving parents so he could learn magic to do some good in the world. No, he was being taught magic for a utterly different purpose.

It began engaging and fun, he would learn new things, skills and spells. He would learn how to master his ability and how to thread magic to do what he wanted it to do. But as he grew older the lesson became more strict. Arch mage Nalin would push him to the very edge of what he was capable of. That distant figure who used to simply lightly guide him in his learning was becoming far more involved and far more invested in Handa's development as a mage. It wasn't till Handa's seventeenth birthday when he overheard his Master Ninton speak to a member of the council of mages in their tower in the college. They spoke of usurping the four kings of Mavis, they spoke of war and the goals they had no matter the means of getting them. And even worse Handa and the other apprentices were pawns in their game. Once they were called upon he had a small army of mages who would fight for him and his wicked plans.

Upon knowing this he tried desperately to escape the binding contract he signed when he was just a child. A contract that would no doubt get him to do the most horrible things. He searched book after book, talked to those who produce contracts. His was air tight, at least that's how it appeared. But Handa is a cunning magician he would not let this contract tie him to his awful master. He learned of something in his studies, the origins of magical contracts are between those of the spirit realm. These contracts were originally meant to pair spirits together for life usually to play of each others strengths and weaknesses for better survival. They did this by melding their hearts as one. A sort of mutually beneficial agreement. Mortals took this magic and manipulated and warped it into the contracts that less ethical mages often hold over their minions or in this case apprentices. The contracts mages make have no impact on the owner only the one who signs and agrees. There is no mutual benefit only the subjugation of the one who signs.
He first began a ritual that separated his soul from his body into the astral plain, and from there he could find the door to the spirit realm. Once he did he would talk with the only spirit who would acknowledge him. A whimsical nature spirit by the name of Brenatath, to Handa's luck Brenatath was looking to form a contract but had been unsuccessful thus far. Likely because Brenatath was a lesser spirit and in truth wasn't the cooperative kind of spirit which often meant certain doom in this realm. He often only looked out for himself and only helped others when it benefited him. But even he recognized that if he was to survive he had to find someone to form a contract with and here was this human boy wanting to form a contract? Well how could he resist such an opportune moment. Human and spirit had not bound in contract before but it was either this of fizzle out into the void, and Brenatath did not want that!

And so Brenatath and Handa would form a contract a one so deep set in the mantle of their beings that it rid Handa of the contract to his master. They now shared their essence, their hearts and their souls. Though unluckily for Brenatath this contract due to it being with a human forced him back with Handa into the mortal coil. Having a contract with a mortal made him mortal too. Brenatath would take the form of a very small tree, with all the needs of a tree. But a tree of immense power a power no doubt derived from Handa's brilliant innate magical ability. That night Handa and his spirit Bren, once he had put him in an adequate plant pot of course, would escape the mages college that life finally behind him.
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Mavis, Genesis ~

In the beginning six major gods representing distinct forces came together to produce Mavis, though some believe the wider universe was also produced by these gods. However there is only so much mortals can theorize. The gods were naive and flawed by no means wholly benevolent or malevolent. They were children, children with omnipotent power and no parents to guide them just their whim and their inner force driving them. They had interests that sometimes coincided and sometimes were in juxtaposition but in their fragile youth they bonded together to create a world they could call their own. As the tale goes through their collect vision and omnipotence parts of them were sacrificed to produce the world, those parts were imbued into it's core. And through this sacrifice they created the potential for life the everlasting omnipotent energy of the gods a force that encompassed Mavis.

And from this life was produced in many forms, some life was more attuned to one god than the other. To Gaia the spirits, the plants and lesser land animals. To Ignis, the dragons and wyverns. To Tempestas the creatures of the sea's rivers and lakes.To Ventus, all creatures that fly in the skies were his domain. To Celestia the mother of all complex sentient life. All complex intelligent life she had had a hand in, though the Elves and humans were the races she produced on her own without the other gods input. Finally Tenebris, the creatures he created weren't always 'living' in the conventional sense, vampires, undead and demons these were his domain.

Though there were races that were created among the mixing of the gods omnipotent power that flows through Mavis, Celestia propensity for more complex life being the catalyst. The Orcs and Kolarisians were produced with Ignis; Demi-humans or once known as Venations with Ventus; Fae and Werewolves with Gaia and finally Merfolk with Tempestas. Tenebris being Celestias polar opposite their forces never melded and so creatures of Tenebris were his own.

The mortals as flawed as their makers, had little but the desire to survive. While some mortal creatures were driven by the god they felt most attuned to which influenced them and made them so different both physically and mentally. Though as time went on these creatures became more of an amalgamation of all the gods until they would be fully their own individuals. Individuals with choice and without the ever present sway of their makers.

During the old days the sway of the gods was felt by all mortals it was undeniable. As time went on the grasp the gods had on the world lingered some say it was because the gods became wiser. others say the parts of themselves they had poured into Mavis had bound together and no longer were there forces separate.But for either reason they noticed without some guidance the world quickly went to ruin and so the chosen were made. Too long had their differences caused their followers pain and suffering and they no longer wanted part in it and so together they made an agreement to limit their influence on the world by having one chosen mortal who would simply come to be named as the chosen. They worked to keep the balance in the name of their god in which they had commune with to keep the world at balance.

And this is where the church of the chosen was built, to each god an altar and to each god a chosen mortal to make sure the world continues to be kept in balance.

The mortals of this realm describe their gods as follows, as written in the texts of the chosen. Gaia the father of nature, known for his neutrality and his deep compassion for all living things and the natural order, the circle of life. Ignis, a chaotic god of destruction, creation and fire. Tempestas a fickle female goddess of the seas, fertility and love, she is motherly in the compassionate sense but also her compassion is not without overbearing fierce protection. Ventus the god of the wind and skies and freedom, lightheartedness and whimsy though he is seen as a childish god in some ways . And Celestia the goddess of light and purity. A goddess who prefers order over chaos of self sacrifice for others but with a great disdain for the undead, the soulless (which really means the lack of her light). Then Tenebris a god often left out from the texts of the chosen but in the original he is described as the god of darkness death and the void, many perceive him as sinister and evil. Though that is not entirely true, he is uncaring and calculated though incredibly intelligent scholarly god.

The personalities of the gods are complex. However their personalities and how they clash between each other often play out on the world stage. Afterall, all creatures are originated from a fragment, a piece of each god to some degree or another. Among all the gods Celestia was often the one to lead and come up with ideas, though she was often arrogant and stuck in her ways unable to open her mind to the possibilities. She desired order in things and disliked very much when things were out of her control. Tempestas was incredibly fickle, hot and cold about all she did. Though compassionate and loving she was often overbearingly so. Ignis had a distinct wrath and desire to watch things burn, but also to create. He had great passion and enthusiasm in all things he did. Gaia, he was calm and collected he had a deep grounding of ethics and a desire to protect all life, but he was also understanding that life must come to an end. For things to live things must die and join back with the soil in which they came. Though Gaia was somewhat of a isolationist and very much neutral he would rather focus on his own work than get into arguments with the other gods. Ventus he was a god of fun and very much a free spirit. He didn't much like fighting or anything too serious he was lighthearted by nature. But his lack of seriousness and sometimes childish demeanor often caused conflict when he wouldn't mean to. Finally Tenebris, he was just as intelligent as Celestia but he did not have the strong personality. He was cold, distant he lacked empathy though his rationalizations were often sound and intelligent, he always struggled with emotion and that was to his major detriment.

As far as their relationships go they clash in many ways, but in the beginning they worked as one though they would not stay so in sync for long.Though many of the gods had minor fallings out. The major was Celestia and Tenebris. Tenebris was Celestias polar opposite while she imbued creatures with her light, a soul, he made creatures that had no need for such things. She brought things into this world, he took them away. This was the balance they kept and it worked for a time. But Tenebris in the old days introduced to his soulless creatures his dark magic of death giving them the ability to toy with life and death, to bring creatures once long gone back to life as soulless vessels that could be controlled at will with no free will.His reasoning was to simply see if his creatures could perform such feats. Tenebris was curious by nature and very much enjoyed experimentation, this was simply one of his experiments. Though this did not go down well with Celestia she was enraged that he would do something so heinous, in her eyes. All the other gods in truth found what he did wrong or at least distasteful, though he could not wrap his head around why that was the case. From that point the relationships among the gods was ruptured, Gaia tried to mend these broken bonds. While acknowledging that Tenebris did something very wrong, he was also imperative to the survival of the world as a whole. Without death there can't really be life. There is a cycle things must follow and with his corroboration the balance would forever be tilted. But Celestia is a god who is arrogant and she would never really forgive him. Ignis never liked Tenebris to begin with, someone so lacking passion so cold? How could he get on with someone like that. Tempestas was at times just as angry as Celestia at Tenebris, life was meant to be brought into this world through love in her eyes not something so lacking. Ventus was never really involved in such things, far too serious and cumbersome he wanted to avoid conflict and melancholy at all costs, though if the thought of life being brought back in such away crossed his mind it would sadden him. Gaia was really the only one who was sympathetic with Tenebris, he may not be able to understand him but he knew he was valuable and to push him away completely wouldn't be good for any of them. Since then Tenebris works on his own for the most part, he may talk with Gaia on occasion but he keeps himself to himself. Likely why in this age Tenebris is rarely spoken of among the masses.

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