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United Kingdom
Relectran, a continent based in the world of Mavis, a world of magic and fantasy.

In essence this is a multi character page within a fantasy world of my own creation. It will be fleshed out in due course. Though here is a little introduction:

Before you role play with me I'd recommend reading through this:

Also do check my blog for characters!

[Further if you add me, do message me first. I'll do the same if I add you. If you do not reply to me after two weeks of accepting my request or adding me then I will simply unfriend you (unless there is a reason which you let me know about). I'm not really looking to have a full friends list of people I don't have a plot on the go with.]

Also If you prefer Discord I do have an account and if you want to add me on their just ask for my user.

Anyways! Hope we can have fun!