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21 / Female / Single
United States
Hi everyone! I'm a literate roleplayer who's been on this website before, just took a couple months away from roleplaying but I'm back now and ready to get some fun and interesting stories started!

Just to clarify, I'm a literate writer who loves dark themed roleplays. I love anything that has to do with angst, abuse, hurt/comfort, but I'm also a sucker for romance! Take a look at my blog to kind of get an idea of what I'm in to and we can surely work something fun out to do together! I'm semi selective with who I add so please don't spam me with friend requests if you are denied, I'm sorry I just don't want time wasted.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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Finally all caught up on my posts!
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2  Aug 10th 2020 03:54

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