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18 / Male / Single
Baden-Wuerttemberg - Germany
Hello, I'm Viktor, 18 years old and from Germany I've done roleplay for about 6 years now, although I do it on and off rather than all the time (I usually stop for a while when I can't find any good roleplay for a bit). Currently I am back doing roleplay and that lead me to this website.
I'm not 100% fluent at speaking/writing English, as it's not my first language but I haven't had any real issues when it came to roleplaying in english so far.
I mostly roleplay outside of fandoms and existing universes, but there are some exceptions. (e.g. MHA, Harry Potter)
Generally speaking, I'm an open person when it comes to RP genres as everything can be fun when the roleplay is done properly.
I usually write para but that depends on the situation and the roleplay partner.

Now for things I like outside of roleplay... I like playing videogames, with one of my favourites being Code Vein, as well as watching Anime, my music style is "Yes" and my jokes can go from dark to dork, and I'm basically required to point out that my jokes suck, if it wasn't obvious yet.

If you want to roleplay, just send me a message or something and we can talk about the details.

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Sry. for not responding fast atm/not really being online. I'm pretty exhausted atm.
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Heading to bed for today. Gotta sleep more ^^`
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Online now. Properly active in ~35 minutes
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