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19 / Male / Single
Baden-Wuerttemberg - Germany
Hi, welcome to my profile. I am not quite certain, what to put here, so I will just write down some things I can think of.

First of all, I am 18 and from germany, and thus still going to school and part of the CET/UTC+1 timezone. Just keep that in mind, as I will not stay up past 12am on a school day and replies might differ in time, depending on our time difference.

Roleplay is not new to me, and I got a decent amount of experience, though I am a bit rusty at the moment.

I generally try to answer as soon as possible, though it takes longer depending on the length and "standard" of the messages. I am usually adaptive in writing style and length, though you can assume that I at least write Para when thinking of whether or not to add me.

I might add multiple people and accept friend requests, but keep in mind, that I tend to stick to few partners and not take more. I am not very prone to blocking/unfriending, but if the rp is not at least decent in quality, It might happen.

I'm not 100% fluent at writing English, as it's not my first language but I haven't had any real issues when it came to roleplaying so far. I will use any tools I need to make sure, I am not writing nonesense, though I am far from perfect.

I usually create characters fitting for your lore/universe, as I like being adaptable and just enjoy creating individual characters, tailored to the rp/rp partner

I mostly roleplay outside of fandoms and existing universes, but there are some exceptions. Generally speaking, I'm a open person when it comes to RP genres as everything can be fun.

I hope I'll be added and I'm looking forward to having fun roleplaying.

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