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(Miles Tails Doll Prower)
14 / Male / In a Relationship
Slendy's mansion.., United States
@CelestiaLudenberg:''Who would have thought that i would be the slave of a girl...?''

@OfficialBenDrowned: ''My owner..I like him! I sometimes call him Elf....''

@SONICEXECP :'' A-ah....I...Kind of love him...a-alot..Maybe i kissed him like 10 times...m-m-maybe i licked his neck...E-eh...''

@DeadSilvaze : ''My older brother and a cool guy...Sometimes a weird guy..and obviously i'll make sure you're death is slow and painful if you hurt him in any way'' :D

''Can You feel The SunShine?''

''Does it brighten up your day?''

Purple Gem:Soul less, Sleeping,Neutral

White Gem: Neutral.

Red Gem: Rude,Evil

Brown Gem: Exhausted,Knocked out,passed out,fainted

Green Gem = Nice,Kind,

Blue Gem = Sad,Nervous

Pink Gem =In love,Blushing

Orange Gem = Confident,Smug,

Yellow Gem = Disgusted,

Latest Status

Repost if you truly want to be my friend...

Just wondering...
Mood: lonely
2  May 16th 2019 10:45

Latest Questions

Q. EXE was lying against a tree, his face against the tree as he was bleeding from his forehead down to his arms.
A. TD was floating around and then notices you and floats towards you ''OH GOD EXY,ARE YOU OKAY?!''
 May 19th 2019 01:18

Q. EXE went up behind TD as he wraps his arms around TD’s waist smiling
A. The gem of TD turns yellow and then green,TD smiles ''H-hey You caught me off guard'' TD chuckles
 May 13th 2019 21:01

Latest Comments

Alright then.
May 17th 2019 17:28

......who do I need to kill?
May 17th 2019 17:21

May 17th 2019 17:18

... huh... Cool.
May 17th 2019 17:15

what's up?
May 17th 2019 17:14

BROOOOO!!!!!!! *he returns the hug*
May 17th 2019 17:12

“If you’re reading this, you’re my little fox~❤️“
May 16th 2019 00:34

He smiles, running his tongue across his sharp teeth. He chuckles.
May 13th 2019 19:43

May 13th 2019 19:40

May 13th 2019 19:22