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(Valerie Cesaire)
20 / Female / Single
United States
“She turned to face the door, knowing what she would find instead.

"What big eyes you have," she whispered.

"The better to see through your lies," he said.

"What large hands you have..."

"The better to strangle you with, my dear..."

"What sharp teeth you have..."

"The better to drink your blood with," he said with a laugh. "Is that what you expect me to say? I know this story better than you do. The wolf wins in my version."

She thought of the black wolf she once knew in another life, a black wolf that never willingly left her side. "The wolf wins in mine, too.”

I hope we can make a roleplay together. I don't care what for roleplay.
But i love most fantasy, romance and horror.

Welcome to my profile people..

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