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(Warren Kelly)
19 / Male / Single
California - United States
Red Hot, red hot
to the top, we are
red hot!

I'm Warren Kelly, a american singer, songwriter, and guitarist. I was born in Los Angeles May 28, 2000.
People say I have a twisted mind. People also say I have an weird thing with death, and serial killers.

My half brother is @Spartan203.

I like to set sh*t on fire, write music, play gigs, partying, and flirting among some other things.
Stuff I dislike..? Well I don't like... Rap, people throwing sh*t at my gigs, and occasionally my band.

If your into Zodiac signs, I’m a Gemini.

If your wondering how I sing, I sound like Phil Lewis of L.A Guns.
What band do I play for? Well its a little sleaze metal band that goes by the name of Sordid.

I don't roleplay Ero*tic, Anime, Asian, Cartoon, Furry, or Wrestling.

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Indeed
 May 16th 2019 02:06

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A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Jul 2nd 2019 18:12