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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "..." The woman gave a small nod of confirmation. "I did, in fact."
 Dec 2nd 2020 02:52

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((it cool if I join in with the chat with IceEmpress? if it not I won't intrude))
Dec 6th 2020 18:38

Blaze says "can't argue with that"
Dec 6th 2020 09:31

Blaze gets serious "Akame I'm telling you this now cause war is unknown and I wanted to say it should I lose my life and chance to do so"
Dec 6th 2020 02:42

Blaze says "am I the first to say and mean it with real feelings behind it?" He asks her
Dec 6th 2020 02:04

Blaze pats her head "I'm saying your cute Aky" he says and then adds ""plus your a cute chief"
Dec 6th 2020 01:57

Blaze chuckles "hey not my fault your a looker" he then puts his hands in his pocket with a big toothy grin
Dec 6th 2020 01:40

Blaze chooses to tease her "Ok it is, seal it with a kiss?"
Dec 5th 2020 13:59

Blaze messes with her hair "Well..." he gets really close until he pulls back and says "I'll tell you if I ever feel down" he smiles
Dec 5th 2020 12:34

Blaze slings his sword over his shoulder and leans close to her face "What if I wanted you to cheer me up?"
Dec 5th 2020 12:25

Blaze smiles "It's going well Aky" he says patting her on the head as he has almost a foot taller then her
Dec 5th 2020 12:14