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RebellionKing's Blog


Corax is a surgeon turned assassin who does work for various underground entities. I’m the years before his assassin work, he treated victims of wars almost every day. No matter how severe the injury, he was a superb surgeon so he always sailed through the situation. However, lack of manpower meant he got busier and busier to the point that he neglected his own family and they became victims of a guerrilla attack. By the time he rushed, to their side, he was too late. That day he felt something awaken within him. He left behind his life as a healer and began working with dealings of one called the ‘Shadowlord’ with his scalpels and precision skills.
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A polite, relaxed gentleman and a habitual liar, he also happens to be an infamous scam artist. His beautiful face is really attractive, but very deceptive. Kleken can captivate the hearts of all who listen to his every word. He firmly believes that all men should conduct themselves in a gentlemanly fashion. Should you ever hear the truth from him, it’s most likely the end of the world.
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