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23 / Male / Single
Ohio - United States
Admin is female

Admin is 26

I RP in 1st person, use whatever perspective you want though, just don't expect me to change.

I will be using the Rayman 2 version of the character.

Rayman is the main protagonist and title character of the Rayman series created by Ubisoft game designer Michel Ancel.

Rayman has a friendly and carefree disposition, though his personality changes somewhat over the course of the games.

In Rayman, he seems cheerful and child-like, having an innocent expression and pulling a silly face as a means of defense. He does, however, show some fear when faced with bosses.

In Rayman 2 he shows a more serious side, taking his mission seriously while remaining friendly. The Rayman 2 manual describes him as particularly lively with an intense love of life, indicating he might usually be more cheerful if the situation weren't as serious.

In Rayman 3, he seems slightly more impatient, aloof and c*cky, showing some exasperation with Murphy and Globox, though shows worry when Globox appears in danger and comforts him when sad. He is also much more prone to gloating over his victories, suggesting a vain streak. The Rayman 3 manual describes him as lazy; loving to sleep, mess around with friends and not take things seriously. It remarks that he doesn't really act like a big hero; though the Rayman 3 manual is characterised as having an opinion of it's own, this seems partially true.

As of Rayman Origins, Rayman is an energetic, childish and fun-loving character that likes to beat up his enemies and spar with friends. It is also worth noting that when Rayman was created by Betilla in the first Origins trailer, he attempted to look up her skirt using his helicopter hair. This may show off a profligate or flirty side of him rarely seen.

Rayman is best known for his lack of limbs and neck, having a large head, hands and feet that are nonetheless connected to his body, as if by magic. He has a large, snout-like nose, wears white gloves, yellow skeakers and a red and purple hoodie with a white "O" shape on the front. In Rayman and Rayman 2, he instead wore a purple shirt and a red scarf, still bearing his trademark symbol.

Rayman was originally designed by Michel Ancel and was originally conceived as an avatar for a human boy character called Jimmy.

In the Rayman prototype, the story goes that Jimmy created a virtual world on his computer called Hereitscool. When Hereitscool is infected by a virus, Jimmy must enter his virtual world and take on the persona of Rayman in order to defeat the virus.

Rayman was also originally designed with limbs. Technical difficulties led the developers to remove them to free up space.

Rayman lives in The Glade of Dreams amongst limbed creatures, and curiously, he is said to be the only of his kind, with no-one knowing where he comes from.

Rayman and the people of the Glade are captured by robotic space pirates and Rayman must escape in order to save his people. He goes on a quest to collect the four masks awaken Polokus to defeat Razorbeard.

Rayman's main form of attack is his fists, which he can extend a long distance to attack enemies, this and his ability to use his hair as a helicopter were introduced in Rayman 1 and have been a staple since. In Rayman 1, Rayman has the ability to pull a silly face an incite frenzy into enemies. He can also use blue fairies to help him shrink.

The exception to Rayman's fist ability is Rayman 2, where glowing balls of light were used instead.

The circle on Rayman's chest appears to be the source of Rayman's powers, it's through this which he gains powers from Betilla, or silver lums from Ly. This circle appears to serve as some sort of key that allows him to obtain the Masks of Polokus and appears in several places carved into stone, indicating it has importance in Rayman's world.

In Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Rayman spoke Wandaye, which consisted of some language that only his people can speak. The only English words he said were "Hey!" and "Stop!". Later versions added real-world languages, with the English voice being the most notable, provided by David Gasman.

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Will probably be deleting soon. There is absolutely no interest in Rayman from others on here, and the one RP I had going, the person stopped replying....I don't really have a reason to be here anymore.
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