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Message me
Jul 20th 2021 02:38

Jun 6th 2021 07:36

Check DMs and am sorry
Jun 2nd 2021 05:22

Can we continue our RP? I mean, it’s been two months now and I’m getting worried about you.
Nov 1st 2020 17:46

ME to this comment section:
Oct 6th 2020 07:40

Can we continue the RP? It’s been over a month, I think I’ve been more than patient enough.
Sep 22nd 2020 05:43

Sep 7th 2020 10:15

Hope we can continue when you are free, you are my favorite. :)
Aug 11th 2020 02:01

Are you busy ?
Jul 15th 2020 11:30

Jul 12th 2020 19:45