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(Rosemary (Rose) Hawkins)
20 / Female / In a Relationship
Texas - United States
Roses are red, violets are blue,
sugar is sweet, and perhaps so are you
But the roses have wilted, the violets are dead,
the sugar bowl's empty, your wrists are stained red.
The sun isn't shining, the sky isn't clear;
there's no silver lining because you're no longer here.
Rain keeps on pouring, there's no end in sight,
you're lying here frozen, so far from the light.
Your beauty's unreal, your smile the sun,
but time can't be turned nor your actions undone.
The words that you wrote that only I read,
"I love you so much, please don't cry when I'm dead."


Hi. I am Rose. Please read my rules in my blog before friending me. Please don't friend me if you haven't read them. That'd be helpful. Also, the music playing on my profile is my favorite at that point in time. I'll change it regularly.

Here are some things I want you to know about me (if you want to learn them, I guess):

~I am actually asexual and panromantic. My pronouns are she/her or if you want, they/them. This doesn't apply to my character.

~I will play humans, nekos, vampires, wizards, and anything mostly human that you come up with. I will not play animals, it's weird for me.

~My favorite color is black. Not because I'm emo, but because black is a very nice color.

~I love owls, wolves, and snakes. Owls are wise, wolves are really freaking majestic, and snakes are adorable. They are, don't judge.

~I love the bands Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance (rip). Dodie Clark is also cool.

~Fun fact: Rose's are not my favorite flower. They're just on my profile because that's my name. My favorite flower is a hellebore. Look it up.

~I'm a first degree black belt in taekwondo and I'm training for my second degree.

~New, more active account: @ExperimentalAccount


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You won't believe what the snail said while riding the turtle!! "SLOW DOWN!! I want to get there, but, I want to get there ALIVE!" Is what it said.
May 19th 2018 14:54

would you like to rp?
Mar 19th 2018 09:43

Thanks! I just need to finish this one day of school, then I’m on break so I can respond more often!
Mar 15th 2018 08:30