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(The Best Detective )
15 / Male / In Love
Kansas - United States
- @RubyFlames is a very nice friend of mine. You hurt her one bit, I’ll kill you. And I have someone to bail me out of jail. Right @Kiri_Kun ?

Join me on Discord!

Hey there! It’s Ranpo! Nice to meet you! Here’s a few things I need you to follow. M’k? M’k! Now, I’m lazy so I’ll just let the profile owner do the talking!
-Alrighty! So, If you add, you message!
-Ask me for Discord if you want! (Might not be on a bit but hey, it’s there)
-Don’t be rude!
-I don’t do plots! As in, I don’t make them up!
-Want to role play? Then message me! Just, keep in mind, I’m not always on!
-I love romance crossovers! Love love them!
-don’t spam meeee!
-Semi literature!
-You can just send a starter off and I’ll reply!
-OC’s are just fine, HOWEVER, Don’t be too annoying with them!
-18+ are fine! However, no rape!
-I will change my age if needed!
-I can be other side characters but I’m always Ranpo!
-I’ll post some anime’s I watch and know! Other than that, well, whatever anime you want to be from, go ahead! Just know, I might not know it but whatever!
-als- “Hey? Are you finished yet? I’m getting bored listening to you ramble on!”
-I’m not rambling! I’m just simply te-“Alrighty! Just text me and I’ll answer! Also, get me some chocolate!~”
-Wait, Ranpo I-


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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Well, Duh. I’m the greatest detective. I don’t need you telling me about anything!
 Jun 18th 2020 22:41

Latest Comments

Seems like someone is making friends.~ <3
Aug 5th 2020 23:32

ah! I guess that's what friends do, right? I am very sleepy though... would you mind if I answer you tomorrow?
Aug 5th 2020 23:21

oh. but... you have no idea how happy that makes me! I think you are my only friend so I guess you're on my special list too in a way! c:
Aug 5th 2020 23:12

awh... I thought I was finally going to be on somebody their special list! Ill still accept your offer though! let's be friends! (your protection is free though, rightcoughcough?)
Aug 5th 2020 22:55

oh... but that's a special list, isn't it?
Aug 5th 2020 22:46

ah! you're nice! I for sure will be able to find you if I need anything! you got a very catchy name so I don't think I'll forget! ╹◡╹
Aug 5th 2020 22:34

Jul 3rd 2020 00:53

:’0 I’m not weird! I’m just special!
Jul 2nd 2020 00:38

uwu Ranpo. I love you so much, you homo boi.
Jul 2nd 2020 00:37

No problem! :)
Jun 26th 2020 17:18