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Sarah Rogers -- Bio

"No pain no gain, no guts no glory right?"

Full name: Sarah Margaret Rogers

Nickname[s]: Sar/Sare, Magpie (Only by her uncle), Maverick (only by her ex-fiance), Atom Ant (by Sam), Nuke; Make one up for her!

Gender: Female

Age / D.O.B.: 38 / July 10, 1984

P.O.B.: Brooklyn, New York

Species: Human

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Faceclaim: Olivia Wilde

Fandom: Supernatural

Description: Sarah is a dirty blonde, with wavey locks that she keeps at neck-length for efficiency and less hassle, just long enough to fit into a small bun at the base of her neck. Her eyes are a soft cerulean blue, with very faint flecks of green. She stands at 5ft. 10in. tall in stature, with a very fit but still feminine build as she weighs about 143 lbs. She has slightly broader shoulders than her hips, which is emphasized by her muscles from gymnastics. Her skin, while capable of tanning, is generally a paler ivory tone.

Notable features: Her nose is slightly crooked from multiple breaks. Littered across her body are numerous scars from several different hunts throughout her life. On the inside of her left forearm is a tattoo of wings with a halo, and the date "8-27-1988" between the wings. The black portion of a yin-yang is tattooed on the inside of her right elbow. She also has slightly hyper-extended knees.

Style: She doesn't often need to put her hair up unless necessary, since it's so short, but when she does she favors low ponytails or loose half-ups. and if she needs to pass as an agent or officer of some kind, she slicks it back into a low bun. Clothing wise, she tends to wear black, grey, white, and sometimes green henleys; band t-shirts in men's sizes that are a bit baggy on her; men's size plain t-shirts in grey or white; leather steel toe workboots, with the occasional sneakers, but she avoids heels if she can help it; leather jackets, usually either black or brown; jeans in various stages of fading, and many have ripped holes here and there especially in the knees, but she also has cut-off shorts that she makes from the ones that get too many holes in the legs; legging, hoodies, and sweatpants are something she doesn't wear often but does own at least some for when she wants to be more comfy. Her pajamas are often a pair of booty shorts--or sweatpants when it's colder--and a clean shirt she can keep on for the day ahead, often a baggy tee. She avoids dresses if she can. She also wears a leather bracelet with a gold axe pendant on her left wrist with her military grade watch, and a leather cuff bracelet on her right wrist. Makeup-wise, she doesn't ever wear much unless necessary.

Living / Relationship status: Alive / Single

Personality: Sarah is not known to be a quiet individual. She comes abundant with sass, sarcasm, a flirty demeanor, and the ability to find at least something humorous in the midst of something serious. But that doesn't mean she's incapable or seriousness; in fact, when need be, she tends to hyperfocus on working, and at times can be too serious for her own good. She knows the line of when things become more work than play, and takes after her uncle in the way that she is very stubborn about what she does. Whether that be finishing a case, avoiding someone or something at all costs for one reason or another, or making sure things are done right. She also inherited a habit of making her presence known when need be, and in Sarah's case this meant you'll know it's her knocking if someone's kicking the door to be heard. In short, she's not easily walked over, and if you betray her trust or affection even once, it's difficult to earn it back.

Overall, Sarah values family and honesty very highly, even if sometimes that means having to blur the lines herself like a hypocrite. She is compassionate, determined, and tenacious even at times. She is always trying to protect those around her. But on the flip side, Sarah is also an emotional individual. She feels very deeply, and whether it's partly because of how she grew up or simply an innate habit, sometimes those emotions don't come out the way you'd expect. She doesn't hide emotion very well, and instead tries to cover it up with either anger or humor, usually. Sometimes this can make her seem a bit bi-polar, because she doesn't have the most stable set of emotions. Feelings are not something she's the most comfortable with so she's often avoided getting involved too deeply with anyone aside from maybe some one night stands and working a hunt or two with fellow hunters. She's not incapable of working with others, she just prefers to be on her own usually. But that said, she has a strong memory, and it's often hard for her to let go of some things, no matter how hard she tries to be an equal opportunist. Overall, once Sarah lets someone close or attaches to them, she will be very loyal and willing to do whatever she can for them. Its both her greatest strength and greatest weakness. But once she loses that trust? It's difficult to get it back.

Music taste: 70s easy listening, 80s/90s rock, classic rock, some newer stuff but she's picky. She's a big Fleetwood Mac and Aerosmith fan.

Likes: Coffee, whiskey (But really just alcohol in general), blueberry anything, sex, good food, late night drives, reading / researching, poetry, nerd things (Mostly LOTR and Star Wars but she's likely read/watched others), history, dogs

Dislikes: Compartmentalization / dishonesty, stuck-up people, killing innocents, damage to her car, damsel treatment, Boy Bands in general, being told 'no', opening up, feelings, dolls and clowns (but mostly dolls), planes

Allergies?: Yes. Sarah is allergic to pineapples. Not severely but it can definitely be an issue if she ingests them; She doesn't know the full extent of the allergy so she just avoids pineapple overall.

Fears: Dolls -- Sarah is not scared of very much. But dolls, particularly porcelain ones, will either make her a paranoid bitch or send her running.
Shapeshifters -- These creatures are one of the main reasons Sarah has big trust issues. But she tends to avoid cases with them because her fear and trauma would impede her hunting abilities.

Education: Sarah has a GED highschool diploma. She never went to college. However, she always did rather well in school, and even succeeded at the JROTC program she was a part of throughout highschool. She also has 14 years of gymnastics training, having started when she was about 3 and quit when she was 17.

Mother: Addison Rogers (deceased)

Father: Joseph Rogers (deceased)

Uncle: James Rogers

Ex-fiance: Mason Tombs (deceased)

Friends: Open for more – Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Marcus Jameson, Amaya Johnson {@hellsfavoritedemon}, Mercy Lovell {@hellsfavoritedemon}, Greyson Lawrence

Affiliations/Factions: Open

S K I L L S & A B I L I T I E S
Firearms training – Taught by both her uncle and Marcus, Sarah can effectively use most pistols, shotguns, and rifles. She's nowhere near the level of her teachers, but she is still a pretty damn good shot with a gun.

Knife handling – Also taught to her by James and Marcus, Sarah is decently skilled with the use of knives, ranging from pocket knives, to hunting knives, and even karambit style knives. She's better with a gun, but she can still kick someone's ass with a knife if it came down too it, at least enough to save herself.

Self defense training – Being raised by a Navy SEAL—and to some degree, also an ex-MI6 agent—Sarah was taught efficient self defense skills. She's by no means a trained fighter, but she can still hold her own, and has enough of hunting experience by now to make her a good fighter.

Multilingual – Sarah can speak French and Spanish fluently. She is decently versed in Latin but not quite fluent. Her Russian is rusty at best but she can understand it for the most part, and somewhat speak it.

Research skills / lore knowledge – Having been taught from a young age, Sarah excels in research and has learned some skills to work in her favor. She's not all-knowing when it comes to lore, mind you, but she does retain a lot of knowledge.

Gymnastics skills / flexibility – Sarah has about 13-14 years of experience as a trained gymnast, and was among the top few in her team. She's not necessarily contortionists-level of flexible, but she is still rather flexible and always has been.

Car knowledge – Cars were one way she truly connected with her uncle, and he taught her almost everything she knows about them; some, if not most of what she's learned since she was younger, has been self-taught. If need be she could restore a car from scratch–or at least her own car.

Lock picking – As part of her hunter training when she was younger, Sarah also learned how to pick locks properly. It's not a skill she utilizes all the time but if she ever needed to, she could.

Weapons: Silver Beretta 92f pistol with cherrywood grips; silver bladed Italian switchblade with mother of pearl handle; damascus bowie knife with walnut hilt; standard hunting weapons (machetes, shotguns, stakes, etc).

Gear: Duffel bag for weapons, backpack-duffel for clothes, silver flasks filled with holy water (plus a silver flask just for liquor), a silver Zippo lighter with unique engravings; Standard hunting gear (Salt, rocksalt shells, silver bullets, matches, lighters, etc).

Her car: A navy blue 1970 Plymouth Duster 340 with black leather bench seats She calls it her angel. There's a false bottom in the trunk to store her hunting gear. In the glove compartment she keeps a Tollhouse Cookie tin with all her hunting IDs (sometimes it's stored in the trunk, but usually it's in the glove compartment). She does have a cooler that she keeps in the back, and you can always find a bottle of whiskey or two in the glove compartment and/or the trunk.

Other personal effects: A small file box filled with cassette tapes that used to be her mother's which she keeps in the car; on her keychain there's a Scottish pendant with a tree etched on it.

Sarah was born in the hot mid-summer of July, in 1984, to Addison and Joseph Rogers 5 years after they had gotten married. Her parents had been hunters, and came from families of hunters. But with Sarah they wanted to do something different. They hadn't planned to have a child just yet, but they saw her as a blessing nonetheless, and wanted to give her a life they'd never had. Leaving their hunting lives behind, Joseph took a job as a mechanic and Addison worked as a waitress at the local diner to help make ends meet. Their life wasn't rich by any means, but her parents worked hard to make it comfortable and safe for themselves and their daughter. Whenever Addison was working but Joseph wasn't, he would spend father-daughter days with her, visiting the diner so they could still have family time and she would always get blueberry pancakes. And when Addison was off work but Joseph wasn't, she and her mother would go for a drive and do errands, doing simple things around the house. Often times Sarah would help her mother cooking or baking.

Their life was simple, and it was happy. Sarah could always be found having fun with her uncle James, who had been living with them ever since Joseph and James' parents died. And by the time Sarah was 4 years old she'd even been able to start gymnastics to channel all her bouncing energy, and Addison was once again pregnant with their second child. But it was a call from an old friend that changed their lives forever. Marcus Jameson, a fellow hunter who had been a longtime family friend of Addison's family, called asking for help with a case. She and Joseph had always been rather skilled hunters and it seemed like their expertise would come in handy, he said. It took some convincing, because Addison had vowed to leave that life behind. But she agreed to one last hunt and even convinced her husband to let her come with, because she hadn't yet told him she was pregnant again and wasn't far enough along to be noticeable anyway.

With James being old enough to stay at home alone, the couple trusted him to look after their daughter while they were away, and went off to finish the job. It should have been a quick and easy job. But what they had thought to be a monster of the supernatural kind, turned out to be rogue hunters who had gone insane and turned on their own kind. A group of them, calling themselves The Red Crows, were luring hunters across the country to kill them off and, morbid as it was, sell their body parts on the red market. It took all three of the hunters to take them down, but in the end, only Marcus would survive. He was left to be the bearer of bad news when he came home and informed James of what happened. It changed life forever for the last surviving members of the Rogers family. At the young age of just 15, James had to raise his niece himself.
Marcus never truly left their life. As Sarah grew, he helped the two when and where he could. And Sarah, becoming a spritely, stubborn, and bubbly child, grew to enjoy reading with him and spending time with him while her uncle was at work to pay to bills. She remained blissfully unaware of the truth about her parents and how they had died, believing the story her uncle had told her: mommy and daddy have a special job protecting people, and weren't going to be coming back for a long time. As she grew, of course she still asked questions because she had always been a curious child. But the story was always the same and it frustrated her, but she was always given something to be distracted by and that was that. The day James graduated brought new changes. He enlisted in Naval Academy and Sarah, being only 6 or 7 at the time, didn't like the new change. And it was something that was hard to adjust to when Marcus moved in to take care of her while James was away. She begged her uncle not to leave when he enlisted to become a Navy SEAL. She was scared and after her parents, she thought he wouldn't come back either. And it was a few that never left her the whole time he was gone.

The year she turned 8 was the year she discovered the hunting world. In the night, a werewolf broke in through her bedroom window and attacked her. Marcus was lucky to have gotten there in time to kill it before it could really hurt her. Despite his efforts to warn her away from that world, Sarah kept pushing because she wanted to know what was really going on and he also knew they couldn't risk that happening again. That was when Marcus began teaching her about hunting, researching, and what to know about the hunting world. For the next 8 years, life became very different for Sarah. She closed herself off more, bit by bit, and Marcus couldn't have been prepared for the whirlwind that would be her tween years. She was already an emotional rollercoaster, but with the absence of her uncle still, she began burying herself more and more into the study of hunting. Becoming more rebellious, she would even take advantage of whenever Marcus fell asleep or was busy, and would sneak out with friends. Her first hunt happened when she was 15, and she took on a ghoul that was plaguing the town. Once again, Marcus had to rush in and finish the job, saving her from it. The experience shook her up a bit, as the thing had taken the form of one of her friends, who she would come to find out had been killed. She was a bit quieter then for a while.
But things didn't truly get bad until the day James came home, a few months after that incident. Hearing what had happened while he was away, he changed many things about her life. He put her into her highschool's JROTC program, and became rather strict with her. Still being rattled from her first hunt gone wrong and many other emotions with him finally being back, she closed herself off as much as possible and became more rebellious than before. They fought more often than not, and while he did still teach her things like how to fix cars, how to drive, and other important things, their good moments didn't always out way the bad ones.

Throughout highschool, she was grounded often, and only stopped living in detention when she became involved in JROTC and put her effort into that. Despite her rather snarky, bitter, and defiant attitudes she still excelled in her grades. And when she wasn't at school, gymnastics practice, or other necessary functions, she could be found working on her father's 1970 Duster to get it back in good shape. It was one of the few things she took with her when she turned 18. The year she graduated was shen she dug into her parents' old stuff, and that was how she discovered the truth about their life. She confronted James about it and when he finally told her everything, she felt deceived and hurt beyond words. It was a grudge she held against Marcus too, losing her trust for him. Any amount that she'd calmed down by the end of highschool, was gone then, and she left home the second she turned 18. Any calls either of them made, she ignored, and even changed her main number eventually and tried her best to go under the radar. That was how she met Mason Tombs.

The two met while she was on the road, and right away they hit it off with each other. They began spending more and more time together, and within a year or so they were dating. They were together for almost 2 years by the time Mason proposed to her. She'd moved into a small apartment with him, and went through the effort of getting a bartending license so she could get a job to help make ends meet. They ended up working at the same bar together, and so by the time they were engaged their life was off to a simple start. She hadn't told him yet, but she was also pregnant with their first child. And that was a secret she never got to tell him because while they were having a small party with friends to celebrate their engagement, what she thought was one of her friends turned on them and attacked, and Sarah had to fight him off. He ended up getting away, and in the process two of her friends had been killed. That night Mason and Sarah had a fight, where she told him everything to explain what had happened. He thought she'd gone insane, telling her to "get help and figure yourself out." He didn't want to be with, as he put it, "a psycho cultist bitch." He went out for a drive then to clear his head. Sarah was left alone to deal with the aftermath of her now-messy apartment, and then deal with the cops when they got there. She didn't know if it was the stress or exertion, but it must have been the bloodloss she hadn't taken time to fully register because soon the world went black as she passed out. She was fixed up in the hospital, and luckily when she woke up she found she wasn't going to be charged with anything for what happened in her home when she explained her story. But she had lost her baby, and that was a pain she could never heal.

A week later she ran into Mason again at the bar, and they didn't really even get to talk before he was already backtracking to get away. She was on the clock, so by the time she was able to get out on a lunch break of sorts, she was praying she wasn't too late to catch up to him. That was when she received a call from him, and on the other end was his voice; but it wasn't really him. It was a shapeshifter, the one that had attacked before. It was going after her, taking everything she loved. All because a few years back when she was hunting on her own after leaving New York, she'd mistakenly thought she'd killed the shifter. Luring Sarah in, when she got to the old motel outside of town—the very one she'd been staying in when she came to town—Mason was already beaten to death. An anger took over her, and she didn't get much time to react before the shifter lunged at her. It was a rough and bloody fight that eventually Sarah won, stabbing the creature to death. She didn't give herself much time to process before she began cleaning herself and everything up, making an anonymous call from the hotel to notify the police. And before they arrived, Sarah was already gone. She was lucky there had been no witnesses.

She left town that night, and never went back. She didn't even go to Mason's funeral, afraid of risking getting caught. She learned her lesson then. She could never have a normal life and she could never hold onto anything she loved. She was a hunter now, she had to act like it, because getting loose and rusty was how people got killed. She truly dropped off the radar after that, and while Marcus had been keeping an eye on her for James from afar, when she disappeared after that he couldn't find her and he stopped looking after a while. She didn't want to be found and she made sure she couldn't be, to the best of her ability. Sarah swore to herself never to go back, and since then has buried herself in protecting others, so that what happened to her wouldn't happen to them. It's the very reason she took Greyson on as a rookie when he was attacked by a werecat. And she taught him all about hunting so that he, too, would be able to protect his family even if she never could with her own.

A few years back, she came across the Winchesters, when Lucifer was back on Earth. Heading the call when Sam asked many hunters for help, she came to their side and helped put the Devil back in his cage. She stick around for some time after, and helped fight back against many an evil entity. She even began to get close with Sam, perhaps not quite dating but certainly rather romantically close. After about 2 years however, Sam was killed in a fight against a very powerful deity, having gone to face him with no-one else but his brother and Cas and benching the rest of the team of hunters. When Sarah found out, she was devastated. But she kept on hunting, and searching for a way to bring him back. Ultimately, it would be Dean that managed to do so, and she tried to pretend as though she wasn't still hurt so that they could continue working together like normal. But Sarah was still far too angry with Sam, and so she left the Winchester brothers behind, going back to solo life hunting on her own. Back to the motel-hopping, monster hunting, non-apocalypse hunter life. That's not to say she's cut all ties with them, she keeps them in her contacts still and would still gladly work with the team around them, especially her good friend Amaya. But she can't bring herself to face Sam again, at least not for a while.
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OC Faceclaim List

These are the faceclaims I use for my characters. This list will likely be updated in the future.

Dominic Martin >>>> play-by is Dominic Sherwood (Bio is WIP)
Sarah Rogers >>>>>> play-by is Olivia Wilde
Leroy Jacobson >>>>>> play-by is Andrew Garfield (Bio is WIP)
Everett McCoy >>>>>> play-by is Chris Evans

The Boys
Maxine Fairmont >>>>>> play-by is Margot Robbie (Bio is WIP)
Alejandra Lopez >>>>>> play-by is Eiza Gonzalez (Bio is WIP)
Issac Holker >>>>>> play-by is Gregg Sulkin (Bio is WIP)

Star Wars
Ren Avayahn >>>>>> play-by is Sophie Turner (Bio is WIP)
Norinn Rakshasa >>>>>> play-by is Daniel Gilles (Bio is WIP)
Kressidia Nafeli >>>>>> play-by is Simone Ashley (Bio is WIP)

Top Gun Verse
Hail-Mary >>>>>> play-by is Marie Avergropulos (Bio is WIP)
Wasp >>>>>> play-by is Sam Claflin (Bio is WIP)
Backlash >>>>>> play-by is Brenton Twaites (Bio is WIP)
Moose >>>>>> play-by is Alex Pettyfer (Bio is WIP)
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