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25 / Female / Single
United States
Hello there!

I'll get straight to the nitty gritty. I love to write very detailed and fun stories. I'm open to a lot of stuff, but I also have ideas of my own! Romance is a biiiiiiig thing for me, I love a cute story filled with drama, action, and the whole shizam!

I'm a very experienced roleplayer. We're talking like 12 years. It's crazy how long I've been writing. (I'm 25 now) I love writing and I love writing with people. Keep me on my toes, but don't rush a story too much! We'll work on this together, okay?

I'm a straight female, my characters are all straight females, keep that in mind.

I will sometimes have rapid responses so if you're up to sending a few messages back and forth, let me know!

Anywho. Just read my rules and shoot me a friend request, kay?

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I haven’t forgotten anyone, I promise! I’m just taking a break ^^
5  Jul 16th 2024 01:52

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