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(Rag Ripper)
34 / Male / Single and Looking
Here, Mexico
I’m a writer since I can remember.
Been playing for about 15 years and in this site for about 4.

I like to play teacher, father and suck. But sometimes i like to switch to spice it up.
I love making strong partnerships and bonds and I have made uugood friends in the past. Let’s talk and make something exciting. Ykwim

By the way. I have a small sight problem at the moment. I try to keep typos from occur, but if I ever put one, it’s because of that, not because I don’t care. I do long responses so you’ll aee I am a dedicated writer

Latest Status

If someone wants to have another try on some roleplay with me. I’m all ears. Have no games right now
0  Aug 5th 2022 17:22

Latest Comments

You're so sweet <3
Mar 21st 2022 21:59

Me?? What am I doing? :)
Mar 21st 2022 21:39

Hi baby
Mar 21st 2022 21:16

Lucky you, I'm finally home and available to reply :p
Mar 15th 2022 23:33