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(Ragnia Multimuse)
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Ragnians had lived in their homeland for thousands of years, developing different kinds of magic and arcane scriptures to help develop their culture's richness. The ancient Ragnians were very prominent of their arcane archaeological discoveries. They discovered two of the five Earthly gems that had been used as tools by unknown higher beings to create the very world they live in. They are known as the Gem of Storms and the Gem of Repository. The Gem of Storms harnesses the power of lightning, and it is unknown exactly how powerful this lightning can get. The Gem of Repository is a reservoir that can store any kind of mana (magical energy) and any amount of mana. Ever since the Gem of Storms was uncovered and archived, some Ragnians and humans (who lived across the planet at the time) were being born with the power to manipulate different Earthly elements; and strangely enough, those who wielded lightning were the most rare. These people are referred to elementalists, and are able to manipulate the nature energy they are attuned to. They co-existed well with the Ragnian mages as elementalism and magic could often times perform similar tasks, though by very different means of course. The coming of the elementalists was a very large shock to the humans though, who had absolutely zero magic in their culture. For what the Ragnians held in Magical breakthroughs and advancements, the humans boasted the same caliber of achievement in their technology and and engineering; so the coming of those with such powers as elementalism made adjustments very difficult. It was also due to the uncovering of the Gem of Storms that a great flood destroyed the human land, their civil strictures being blasted into rubble by powerful lightning and that rubble being swept away by powerful tsunamis. The great storm was so powerful that it could've been felt in Ragnia. About 500,000 humans were able to escape the disaster by setting sail for a new land, which they weren't even sure existed. When the humans arrived at Ragnia, the two species of people were very curious of each other's cultures; especially when they discovered that their languages was a common language. Over time the Ragnians adopted the human's science as the humans adopted the Ragnian's magic. There was a great conflict though, when the Gem of Storms had ended up being stolen from its archive. The Ragnians believed is was the human kingdom that stole it for their own scientific research. In outrage, the Ragnians declared a war which had been blazing since hundreds of years.