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1. This is just a helpful heads up to any RP partners, either established or potential: I have mental issues that sometimes drastically swing my mood towards the negative. I am generally very good about not taking these feelings out on others, but please be aware that if I say I'm not in a good place or headspace that I may focus on just the things that will make me feel better. This may mean somewhat ignoring posts in favor of lighter, one-line things. It's not a reflection on my feelings towards anyone, just something that happens!

2. No auto shipping.

uh...more to come, I guess.
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1. RK900 chose the name Bastion because of the secondary meaning of the word: "an institution, place, or person strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes, or activities."

2. Bastion doesn't mince words about being an improved version of the RK800 model, though he is quick to point out that his "improvements" don't make him Connor's better in all areas. He is the first to admit that, without Connor, he wouldn't exist and that the RK800 series is worthy of respect and admiration.

3. Because of the successful android revolution, production of his model was stopped before being mass-produced and he was without a defined purpose. At the suggestion of Elijah Kamski, he was offered to the Detroit Police Department to bolster their forces.

4. Bastion's personality often comes off as cold and clinical. He prefers to be direct in his speech whenever possible, though there are a few notable exceptions where he will "let loose."

5. Bastion's calm exterior hides a fiercely loyal, loving, and caring heart. He will go out of his way to ensure that those important to him are cared for to the best of his ability.

6. Unlike many androids who have been unofficially "adopted" by Hank (@MillennialDrunk), Bastion views his relationship with the lieutenant as being more closely related to siblings than a father-son dynamic. It's not hard to understand, then, that Bastion keeps a watchful eye on his friend.

7. Bastion adores cooking. He justifies this hobby by ensuring that his meals are nutritious and delicious, then ensuring that his human friends benefit from this. He sometimes entertains the thought of opening his own restaurant.

8. Bastion isn't completely sure about his sexual preference, but does find that confidence and competence are highly attractive qualities to him.

9. The RK900 model was designed to be sold to the State Department and as such, his focus was less on integration than it was on being a perfect tool or weapon. His model is slightly taller than the RK800 by a few inches. He is also built to be sturdier. His musculature is more defined and of a greater mass than his predecessor, giving him a bulkier appearance.

10. Bastion's voice is also different from the RK800 unit. A sample can be found here (Paul Mercier aka Leon Kennedy):
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