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31 / Male / In a Relationship
Detroit, Michigan - United States
A blue-eyed bastard

 Call me Bastion

  The Patron Saint
   of Hot Messes
 Especially @FrickonFanta
 who has my cold heart
My alts: @North, @WR400, @RT600

Latest Questions

Q. “You ever been to a rescue shelter for animals?”
A. "No, I haven't. My current apartment doesn't allow pets but if I move into the compound I could possibly get one."
 Aug 2nd 2018 16:12

Q. [Hey, Bastion. Do you wanna hang out sometime?]
A. [I would greatly enjoy that, Connor. Simply let me know when you are free.]
 Aug 2nd 2018 15:57

Latest Comments

"Sorry not sorry."
Jul 28th 2018 23:45

"I do not agree, young gentleman."
Jul 28th 2018 23:38

Jul 28th 2018 23:22