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113 / Female / Single
✧ Bleach : Crossover Universe
✧ Second Roleplay Account
✧ MultiShipper
✧ Pansexual-Poly
✧ She/Her
✧ Chinese / Asian
✧ Main Account: Coming Soon
✧ Currently in a relationship with: Nobody.
✧ Always in Character
✧ Spotty Use

ミ Rukia likes everything rabbit themed, and becomes quite sensitive when someone insults her obsession with them. People often have difficulty understanding her drawings, which are typically rabbit like, and doesn't like it when people complain about their quality. Rukia's favorite foods are cucumbers, eggs, and rice dumplings.

She hates it when Ichigo or someone else isn't mature. 彡

Latest Status

— Mind your manners, I have been resting.
2  Nov 16th 2020 01:58

Latest Questions

Bankai asked the question
Q. Do you have a discord?
A. I do.
 Nov 16th 2020 03:59

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