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13 / Female / Single
Why would you care?, Doesn't matter to you - United States
So I'm Quin/Quintessa, that is what you can call me, or just whatever my username is rn. I like reading, writing, drawing, painting, stuff like that. Warning im very random and i will do random things randomly, so yeah. I am a slay human, and yes i am a human, I love rp-ing. Thats literally the whole reason im on here._. And dont try to date me, seriously, dating online is lame, anyways for the rp's ill do romance but no n*fw, no. And for the romance i only do straight people, its just so much easier for me that way. And if you want ot rp keeper of the lost cities go to me right away bc i love to rp that. And i am not a new rp-er, so ik how it works and all that, blood and violence doesnt bother me

the person on my pfp is not me, no, im not that hot

And now to my rules :>>

Rp Rules:
Always rp in third person when rp-ing with me.

Please use coherent sentences, It's so annoying when I can't understand anything.


Please try to reply as soon as you can, please don't wait days.


Keep everything


If we rp Kotlc my oc is gonna be with Tam bc i love him sm :>

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