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24 / Male / Single
Hello to everyone, it’s a pleasure.
I will try to keep this short, so bear with me some words if you are so kind.
-I’m a player, not a character. So, in our first greetings, approach me like a player; I will not answer if you are already in character.
-Lets discuss the plot/bases/ideas. I will not play something without some guidelines of what the story is about or what you expect.
-Always NS*W content in the stories. Otherwise, I will not play.
-I play stories, not just straight P*rn. I what to build a story, know our characters, see how they “work together” and have some fun too. But story always comes first.
-Multi para, only. I will not play with less.
- I only play with OCs.
-I will make characters that you want to play with. (Letting you decide his looks/appearance/face claim. Even traits that you find interesting/fun/etc)
-I can make “complex” or “simple” characters for the plays, that’s up to the story.
-I’m polite and professional and always open to discuss our play. And never cross the line. I will always talk to you “the writer/player/co-director” I will never mess or say something to the “person behind the screen”.
Well, as I said earlier, it’s a pleasure and I’m really eager to play with you. So, feel free to send me a request and let’s start n_n

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