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21 / Female / Single
United States
I don't come here often so impress me. Send a starter, based on my characters in my blog. Auto accept on. Make it exciting, crazy, mysterious whatever. Men who add and send anything will be ignored then blocked. You mist be a female to roleplay.That's your warning men. Please follow the steps below and you can just easily send me a starter when you add me!
I am all okay with 18+ roleplays but don't jump into it right away that's pervy.

In my experience, it takes forever to start a rp here! I aim to change that!
If you wish to rp Step one: Go to my blog
Step two: pick a character. Characters have basic starters or you make one.
Step three: Tell me very briefly about your female only character and give an image
Step four: start the rp, in 3rd person
You may also give me a custom starter, and you can also send me an anime image (no irl people gifs please)

No Fxta characters allowed. If you added me or I added you and you are a f*ta, either make your character a biological female, or unfriend me. Because technically fxta is against the site rules. Same goes for furry only people. I will roleplay with you even if you are a furry but you must roleplay as a humanoid

Fxf only. Mature or clean idc. Choose what you are comfortable with, have fun, meaning it would be awkward if you made yourself uncomfortable. Though if do a mature rp no gross or taboo kinks Taboo includes incest and loli, none of that please. Oor anything involving animals furries vore or primal. If your age is under 18 you are required to pick a regular fluff romance rp since you are considered a minor and I am not a minor. You can't play as something weird like a furry or a shrunk/giant character.

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