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14 / Female / Forever Alone
Years on site: 3 years!

!I AM A CHILD (14 yrs)!
Account Theme: Riddle Rosehearts (Twisted wonderland )

[“Off With Your Head!”]

Hello I'm Savannah but call me Savvy or Vanna (i prefer Savvy) Its very Nice to meet ya'll!
- If you're white supremacist get off my fricking page
- if you’re a racist get off my fricking page
- if your sexist get off my fricking page
- if your homophobic get off my fricking page
- And if you do 18+ Roleplays get off my page, please have a nice day :)

@TheQuokkJisung - My Irl baby Brother
@Kai_Yarkura - My irl Big brother

DIscord- @SavvyVee #8598
Lesbian whos attracted to fictional men lol
Anti MAP (No Pedophiles here please )

Latest Status

my dad blames everything on the internet me and my brother are gay, The internet, I'm a witch, the internet, I wear a lot makeup because it makes me feel comfortable and its how I express myself, the internet, and I don't know if should be offended or laugh
0  18 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Got any friends on here who are into Cobra Kai? If so, tell them that I'm currently looking for a partner please.
A. Sorry i don't
 Jun 6th 2022 16:22

Q. How am I fake related to you? I'm trying to explain it to your brother and now I'm confused as I treat you like a younger sister yet I could possible be an online mother but I would be a teenager when you were born. :/
A. Well I call you my online sister but ether is fine ig lol
 Jun 4th 2022 23:02

Latest Comments

Sorry I’m at the beach sooo
Jun 25th 2022 13:32

Bestieeee I’m sorryyyy
Jun 12th 2022 15:19

It isnt letting me message do you have discord?
Apr 25th 2022 09:45

Girl, I feel you ALL the way!!
Jan 28th 2022 00:18

This is currently me. -__-
Jan 28th 2022 00:12

That's right Savvy,.. Rilly is currently not here as I'm the one in charge of this account and doing the talking now hehe. ;)
Jan 28th 2022 00:06

This is Konohamaru's and Hanabi's daughter. :)
Jan 26th 2022 12:04

Thanks, but they're just random pictures I found off the internet. XD DJ (my new profile picture) is the only one who's an actual celebrity that I used as a face claim,.. or should I say faith claim? ;)
Jan 26th 2022 11:39

Also I have baby Keiko, and Keiko at a year old for face claims. :)
Jan 26th 2022 01:33

I found a face claim for Keiko Uchiha. This is her at two years old for Sasuke's and Sakura's wedding as she is going to be their flower girl in a roleplay of mine pretty soon. :)
Jan 26th 2022 01:18