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(Lillian Rose)
19 / Female / Single
Wonderland, Missouri - United States
Before anyone adds. I am a lesbian. I will not, I repeat will not add males.

I hope we become good friends and role play. I am a very submissive girl so please don't put me in the spot of dominance.

I'm a first-person role player by nature so don't get mad at me, please.

@Foxy_Mechanic, You are my sunshine. My only sunshine... Jk. She is my mistress and as such I pride that I can call her that.

@King_Of_Madnes is the only boy allowed on my friend's list. He is an IRL friend so don't think you can just come around here and sh*t on our parade.

Well since people seem to aggravate me more and more I suppose ill do the most reluctant thing I have done in a while. Just make sure to follow the rules and if you fall in the exception category I expect you to tell me. I can only take so much lol.

1) Dear God, please be literate enough to show you're as old as your profile says. Exception: If English isn't your first language it is understandable but to an extent. Grammar is different in all languages and English is one of the hardest to understand all the grammar. Plus we have so many words and spelling differences its not even funny.

2) At least attempt to make a character. It doesn't have to belong like mine but includes the basics. I am pretty lenient on this one but just know a picture name and age is not enough. It's very disrespectful for me to put in so much effort only to get a half-assed character back.

3) Please don't approach in character. It kind of gets confusing to me and I was hurt once by someone who thought of me as just another character. Even if we knew a lot about each other. As long as we understand that I am not an OC and I will not become one. Ever.

4) Yes. I know. I have anime face claims. I get tired of hearing I don't roleplay with anime characters. Well, you are technically wrong. You may find them in an anime but the purpose of my characters' face claim is to be a reference. They can be perceived as a normal picture or even better. I can just throw a character together really quick with a "Normal" picture. Which would be the only difference.

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Heh... My friends list keeps shrinking.
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Q. Hey, I need some help if your up for it
A. Sure
 Jan 19th 2018 05:12

Q. Can I be your mistress
A. Lol sure
 Jan 17th 2018 02:18

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I think wasn't my favorite starter I did Burbank it'll do
Mar 4th 2019 20:54

Please tell me if the pic worked my queen
Mar 2nd 2019 19:38

May or may not have started a mini fire with my charger today
Mar 1st 2019 21:25

I will be the best Mistress you have ever had X3
Jan 17th 2018 21:19

good morning(ish)

when you get on we can roleplay if you wish!
Nov 4th 2017 11:34

ah is it okay if we roleplay tomorrow? see im tired and its past 1am and i would rather not start a roleplay at this time due to the fact my replies will probably be dull and or bad <3 please forgive me!
Nov 4th 2017 01:05

its perfectly fine! dont worry, but anywho you can pm me if you ever want to roleplay or even just chat about stuff! :D
Nov 4th 2017 01:03

Heya! im dakota!

just wanted to stop by to say hi and thanks so much for accepting my request! i would love to chat and roleplay <3
Nov 4th 2017 00:59