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(Queen of Queens)
29 / Female / Single
Private, Private - United States

MCRP | Romance | Para+ | 3rd Person | FxM | Discord | Literate | Dark Themes Welcome

I've been writing off and on for about 19 years. I mainly do para and multiple para roleplay, but at the end of the day, my length is quite reciprocal and contingent on what you give me.

My goal here is to find long❧term partners that I can migrate to Discord with. I like to make servers with my partners where we can compile all of our stories together. If I suspect we'll only have one story, I'll just make us a DM channel though. I prefer to have a few really good, long❧term partners with a bunch of different stories than a bunch of partners with just one story.

For transparency, I am ADHD, and if the story is really good, I will hyperfixate on it. However, that also means that I'm subject to focus breaks and crashes too. Please be patient with me, I will do my best to communicate my needs to you. Sometimes, if a story doesn't hold my interest, I might need to try a different story with you. If you want to learn more about what you can expect from me, you can check out my blog post:

This is a going to be a multi❧chara account. Each character's story is entirely independent of each other. I'm looking to fit into someone else's world. With that said, I might have some playbys to choose from, but my character probably won't be fleshed out until we've had a chance to discuss a story together. It may be important to note that I do not subscribe to any canon universes, and I don't consume a lot of TV/Media either. If you want me to participate in that world, then you'll need to outline the rules and understand that I will be playing an OC for that world.

All my main characters will be female (I am the Queen of my Queens, after all), but supporting roles could be any gender. My primary focus for stories is romantic in nature, but I'm happy to include additional themes. If you're not interested in doing a romantic theme of some kind, then we're probably not compatible.

I like to play a variety of characters. They can be depressed realist or they could be midwestern mom who wants chickens and babies. Tell me what kind of girl you like, and I'll see if we're going to be compatible. I do not like to play hyper aggressive or "cutesy" characters that have a lot of attention seeking behaviors and hyperactivity. That's just not what I'm into.

This is what I'm looking for in a partner:

❧ Someone who is interested in story discussion and collaboration.
❧ Someone who is interested in migrating to discord.
❧ Someone who is interested in romancing a female character.
❧ Someone who is okay/comfortable with erp.
❧ Someone who is interested in any of the tropes or things outlined in my interests.
❧ Someone who is friendly and understanding to my brand of neurodivergence.
❧ Someone who is interested in being a long❧term partner.
❧ Someone who is comfortable with a balance between romantic story development and erp.

Below is a list of romantic themes that I'm interested in. You're welcome to pick one, or pick multiple.

❧ Polyamory and Polyandry (I prefer to have more male lovers in a polyamorous story, than female lovers.)
❧ Friends to Lovers Trope
❧ Forbidden Love Trope
❧ Second Chance at Love Trope
❧ Love Triangle Trope (Bonus Points if paired with Polyamory or Polyandry as the resolution.)
❧ Fake Relationship Trope
❧ Amnesia Relationship Rekindling Trope
❧ Soulmates/Imprinted/Fated Love Trope
❧ Rebel Love Trope
❧ Rich/Poor Romance Trope
❧ Rescue Romance Trope
❧ Small Town Romance Trope
❧ Arranged Marriage Trope
❧ Celestial/Supernatural Romance Trope
❧ Slice of Life
❧ Stalker Trope
❧ Stockholm Syndrome Trope

Kinks and Limits

I like variety, and my palette is usually pretty tame in the early development of the roleplay. However, this entirely depends on the kind of girl I'm playing. If you want to know more about my Limits, Kinks and Fetishes, check out my blog post on it.

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There's a lot of stuff to catch up on. Replies, OOC, etc. I have everything I owe written down, and you haven't been forgotten. I'm going through the emotional waves of a break-up in RL. I have a lot on my to-do list for both here and RL. I also start ADHD medication on Monday, and I don't know how that's going to affect me going forward, but I'll follow up on that soon. Thank you to everyone for their kindness, support, check-ins and concern! I've appreciated the love both in story and o
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You’re a special person. Every day we exchange replies, and the sheer amount of content never ceases to amaze me. Our talks are quite simple, but your craft shows that you prefer quality over quantity. The first post made me think, “Okay, I’m not playing with any simple chump.” You keep making me smile and wonder what’s going to happen in our Prince and Princess story. I know that I’m awful at ERP, and I would say that I’m sorry for being so bad, but your posts are so spicy that they make me try to create something worthwhile.

As a person, Vai is a reserved individual, but if you are good enough and a kind soul, you can see that behind the veil of ignorance lies a gentle, worried, and equally kind person. I’m glad to have met you and Patchy. <3 Take care, my dear Beatrice Oledottir. I hope everything is wonderful with you from now on.

As a writer, she is amazing, taking time to produce a clever, neatly written, and meaningful piece. Her choice of words is amazing to read—the way she describes locations and characters is so well-crafted and follows a cohesive and well-made structure. Should you play with Vai? Yes, you should. You won’t regret it. <3

~~Always yours, Evie
Jul 3rd 2024 13:09

Jun 16th 2024 15:47