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The Priests want the Avatars of the second team to still come to that island to train, just one a week.
QiWi finds Aqua to give him the official parchment about this request and since he is lazy he gives him Song's one too so that he can go to give it to him.
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After three days from when they were told about the games, the priests summon the champions to teleport them to the location where they'll be staying till the end of the event.
When they are all there, QiWi teleports them in the location indeed, which is in the snow. They appear in front of a dreamy chalet, surrounded by mountains and with nothing else around, totally isolated but absolutely beautiful and huge.

The champions are a lot luckier than Song and Aqua about the location, since the chalet is total luxury. They even get one bedroom each, with their private bathroom, and lots of beautiful shared rooms, with a breathtaking sight on the mountains.

Before letting them go to choose their rooms, QiWi decides to exchange some words with the champions from Xhuanghen. "Remember that you can't trust the opponents, although you'll be living side by side with them. They might try to hurt or damage you in some way, in order to impair your performance at challenges. Don't accept anything from anyone, be always suspicious and watch on each others' back. Don't say I didn't warn you."
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First challenge.

It consists in single handedly fight, and defeat, a huge beast, provided by BangSul.

[Each RPer invents what the creature looks like, is like, which skills and powers it has.]

[Each RPer describes the whole fight in a comment, two if two characters.]

[Reaction of the audience, if any, after the first round of fights.]

[Each RPer decides how good of bad their character did in the fight.]

[Each RPer establishes the score of each of their own characters.]
* The scoring parameters will be listed during the RP.

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Song and some other people were escorted to the yard of the Temple of Shii in Xhuanghen. They aren't all Avatars, but also Imperial Assassins, Imperial Defenders, Elite Guards and other super units from other countries, all having the same purpose.

After a brief time of wait, the Priestess of Shii goes to stand in front of all the present. "The reason you were brought here is simple: we need four powerful teams to contrast the nation's teams, during the Power Games of this year.
Since the High Priesthoods established that each team will be added one champion among the Avatars of the Gods, this year's games require a more brutal and powerful opposing team, to be able to increase the difficulty.
Although all of the Avatars so far are from Xhuanghen, some of them were sent to join the other nation's teams too.
All of you, men and women, northern and western, southern and eastern, have one only purpose: make them lose. Measures will be taken so that you won't be able to privilege anyone, nor any nation. From this moment on, you will have to consider yourselves contry-less, like us priests. You won't be able to meet or interact with the champions outside the games. Your role is sacred and you can't fail it. Questions?"
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*Crickets, owls, howling, winds in the emptiness, ball of dust rolling in a street of Nevada, surrounds by desert and no car around*

So, all of the people are gathered and separated according to their role. W/e It exactly is, maybe one day this RPer will find out.

The Avatars of the team of meanies, w/e they are beside Song, is taken to a location, with the Priests of Shii, Kesst, Zivhur, Phoei and Mortian.

The participants of the regular team, instead, are taken to another, separate location, with the Priests of Suhiir, Mijhatev and Jeisin.

Both locations are in Xhuanghen and within the temple areas, although very far.
* The priests have not yet told anything to them, waiting for them to be full team.
** Only the Xhuanghen 'champions' are there, in theory the others have been taken in their respective nations by the other priests.
*** in addition to the regular champions of each category, they all have 2 (people) replacements in case of death.
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