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Dudes and dudettes. Believe me when i say, Metroid Dread is INCREDIBLE!
Mood: amused
0  3 hours ago

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Alisja asked the question
Q. :O *give you a dobble poke on you nose*
A. *pokes both boobs*
 Jul 13th 2021 02:02

Alisja asked the question
Q. *poke you nose* XDD
A. Pokes your boob* XD
 Jul 13th 2021 02:00

Latest Comments

Aug 22nd 2021 00:08

*kissing you cheek* ♥
Jul 13th 2021 02:43

*hugs you from behind* XDD♥♥
Jul 13th 2021 02:22

you are sooo sweet *blush soo much* ♥♥♥ :P
Jul 13th 2021 02:10

I mean if thats the case i'll wear my collar for you
Jul 13th 2021 02:01

*bite you ear in play* XDDD
Jul 13th 2021 02:00

*kiss you cheek*
Jul 13th 2021 01:59

You better be careful I get quite jealous when it come to my owner
Jul 13th 2021 01:57

Jul 13th 2021 01:54

You dont sound like that at all. Honestly i truly enjoy roleplaying with you because you are good at getting the imagination going. Hehe its gonna be my down fall as your loyal simp
Jul 13th 2021 01:51