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23 / Male / In a Relationship
Greetings! to anyone visiting my page.

I am not new to roleplaying or to this site, but I will be honest, it has been ages. like literal years since i last signed in.

So! A fresh start with a more matured me!

I am open to almost anything, I say almost as I am not interested in weird stuff... as I can remember a minority of this website's users are into...

even though my message lenght might be lacking (maybe like a paragraph and in small cases 2) I do intend to keep the story going with enough info for the other to work with. I am easy going and if there is something that is not really your taste then we can always talk about it work things out.

I hope to recieve some requests soon!

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Q. Would you like to rp Star wars NSFW?
A. Thank you for the offer but i must decline as i am not interested in er*t*c roleplays.
 Dec 6th 2022 09:39

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