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(Purple The Player)
18 / Female / In a Relationship
Orebro, Sweden
Pretty new to rp but i learn quickly and can adapt cx. I always rp in 3rd person but I also don't mind if you prefer to write in any other way. I sometimes take up to a day to reply because I have a life outside too xD
Also, I'm heterosexual.

Preferably I'd like to play one of my character examples as I somehow can relate to them. Making it easier for me to know her personality and play out the story better.

Check out my blog if you'd like to see them, the description is short for them though because I want them to stay open for any changes depending on the rp.

Latest Comments

your profile smells like freshly grind pepperoni
Jun 9th 2020 06:14

Hi there, PurpleThePlayer! Whenever you're available, ready to continue our roleplay? I really love it.
Jun 8th 2020 10:32

Let me know if you have any concerns regarding our rp
Jun 8th 2020 10:19