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Puppetmaster's Blog

Rose Fitzherbert ( Descendants oc)

Name:Rose Fitzherbert

Age: (same age as Ben so depends on that)


Gender: eh (genderqueer)

Disney Parent:"Eugene Fitzherbert" AKa Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

Appearance: 6ft by the age of 16, short hair all brown but two long stands on either side, thin up and down

Occupation: leader of the NHKs (not hero kids)

Relatives:Rapunzel (mom), Eugene Fitzherbert (dad), ruby (twin sister), King Frederic (grandfather), Queen Arianna (grandmother)

Allies:roe,Ross,the werid twin,

Likes:reading, ballroom dancing, painting with her mom

Dislikes:people knowing she liked ballroom dancing, people forgetting her name, being called the less pertty one, people being "annoying"

Extra:a bit accident prone and loves trouble, all the doctors in the area know them by name,

They use any pronoun

Roommate: their sister

Story Book Romance: they doubt they could ever be loved

Auradon Prep uniform:they wear a "male" uniform most the time it's a losely buttoned dress shirt coverd in dirt, black pants and boots

Arriving at Auradon Prep:they arrived with their sister and quickly made a few enemies but also an few friends Ben being her frist friend ever

Prince Ben's Coronation: a black suit with a bright purple bow tie and black dress shoes, completed with white gloves

What are the NHK: NHK or the not hero kids,is a movement made before the BKs were allowed into a school basically saying their parents were no better than the villains put away so why are innocent kids put away, if even they (BKs) were so dangerous why weren't the NHKs

It's lead by her, but any kid with a parent with a sketchy past is allowed in (like Aladdin's kids) Ben was highly influenced by this movement and even was a NHK till his father forced him to drop that friend group because it was no good for a future king, after Ben did the BK let into Auradon

(Bio template )
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Lf Spiderman double up

so for starters what I'm looking for
someone to play doc ock based on the Spiderman no way home

Small spoilers for Spiderman no way home

I want someone to basically play the redeemed doc ock

We can do trying to get back to normal life after they are returned to their timelines

or we can rp though the movie just our characters added (I'd think that would be fun)

Or something else
whichever you perfer

my oc is

I'm willing to play whatever cannon character you want
I'm very lgbt+ friendly
so anyone is ok with me

Looking for a double up

just pm me or comment below
Open to anyone
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Lilith (oc)

Rp list (things I rp)

Black butler
Harry Potter
Steven universe
Gravity falls
Criminal minds
Resident evil village
Owl house
Fnaf (any of the games including sb)
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Ash (resident evil village)

Introduction of Character

Name: Ash 

Gender: genderfluid 

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: bisexual 

Alias(es): hell hound, hunting dog 

Status: alive

Species: human

Ethnicity: white 

Blood Type: B

Affiliations/Organizations: The 4 lords


The Character’s Appearance

Height: 6ft

Handedness: right


Top surgery, bite marks on neck, scratches up and down back, the words hell hound burned into their right arm


Their necklace with the crest karl made for them

About the Character

Favorites: The smell of Karl's cigars, chocolate, candles, rock music

Least Favorites: The cold, mother miranda, being yelled at


Walking around the woods, listening to music far too loudly for Karl's liking, annoying people, play fighting with the lycans


The dark, spiders, being completely left alone 


Bitting nails, chewing on random things, bouncing leg while sitting for too long 


Has an old southern accent, calls everyone darling 


pyrokinesis, take energy from electricity and fire, can make random weapons out of fire that work just like the weapon should 

Best Qualities:

Very loyal, creative

Worst Qualities:

Doesn’t care about most people's lives


F*** the system and punch a racist 

Only God that exist is yourself so do whatever you want 


To spend the rest of their life beside karl

The Character’s Relationship With Others


A danger to themselves and others, a ticking time bomb only seconds from burning everything including themselves to the ground

Love Interest(s):

 karl heisenberg

Loves him more than anything but karl Doesn’t exactly notice


Alcina Dimitrescu




Donna Beneviento


Salvatore Moreau

Karl Heisenberg



mother miranda


Alcina Dimitrescu- they get along quite well despite their differences in beliefs, they talk about music alot and drink wine together since Ash doesn't mind drinking human blood

Bela,Cassandra and Daniela- they often hang out in the Castel, Ash brings them magazines and other things to show them "what being a normal teenager is like" they quite enjoy it and then Ash is funny

Donna Beneviento and Angie- Ash actually really enjoys hanging out with them and has on multiple occasions told them so, Ash brings them gifts alot becuse he likes how happy it makes them 

Salvatore Moreau: if Ash isn't stalking karl or hanging out with Donna and Angie, it's more than likely sitting with Moreau just enjoying spending time with someone that understands them in an odd way

Karl Heisenberg: if you ever need to find Ash look for karl and if you ever need to find karl look for Ash, these two are inseparable, not only do their powers match up quite well making Karl's metal work easier but they have alot personality wise the same, and the same taste in music, they rarely ever fight and seem to get along alittls too well mostly everyone was pretty sure they were together already, karl and Ash aren't too sure where their relationship is going or where it is they just enjoy it 

uriaș- this is an odd friendship to say the least but they are and uriaș will follow Ash around when Ash goes hunting in the woods

The Character’s Abilities

Special Abilities:

pyrokinesis, take energy from electricity and fire, can make random weapons out of fire that work just like the weapon should

Fighting Style:

With fire or arrows

Preferred Weapon(s): 

Bow and arrow 

Knowledge: 8/10

Conceptualization Power:10 /10

Motivation: 8/10

Will to Act:8 /10

Agility:10 /10

Swordsmanship:4 /10

Hand-to-Hand Combat:5 /10

Long Range Accuracy:10 /10

Offense:6 /10

Defense: 9/10

Social Skills:7 /10

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