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(Allie Fern)
25 / Female / Single and Looking
;), Colorado - United States
Allie fern

Name: Allie Fern

Prefer names Allie , axel , Jen , Jade


Info: Allie is punk stage manager who manages concert likes punk , Rock , metal band has dark mind likes dark things has light and sweeter side once you know her she’s into sugar daddy take good care of her she’s one of kind of girl who keep you wild .

Personality: sweet and dark , quiet and friendly

Sexuality: bi- sexual leans more towards girls and boys

R/S: single and looking

Hobbies: reading , playing guitar , drawing , singing , Working out at the gym

21 + real life and romance dark mature theme

No creeps

// make sure to have profile weather it’s real life or anime fc no furry or f*ta , message me for rp ideas

Mxf , fxf , fxnb

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