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(Mima Kirigoe)
19 / Other / Single
Moralton, Statesota - United States
Welcome to ミマの部屋

Fondest of greetings! Please message me if you are interested in participating in a roleplay. I might be a little bit shy about messaging first, even if I was the one to send you a friend request.


I don't have many!

Please be able to at least write a paragraph or two! I'm not good at working with less material, I'm afraid. If I'm given the right material, I can write multiple paragraphs in response! :)

I'm really only comfortable rping with people 18+. I don't rp N*FW, but
there are some mature themes involving some of my characters and the franchises I'm currently hyperfixating on that I'm not comfortable discussing with minors.

Please make sure you're using proper grammar! I'm very dyslexic so it's hard for me to read without it. Typos are okay of course, I make them a lot because dyslexia, but just try your best :))

Unfortunately, I don't do furry rps either.

Please let me know if you're getting bored with a roleplay or want to stop. I'll probably check in to make sure you're okay after 3 days of no responses. I probably won't leave if you start ghosting me but just know I will be very sad :(

Also, I am in no way comfortable with sm*t. Bringing up sexual things/N*FW is okay, as long as it doesn't go too far.

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