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16 / Female / Single
Up your ass, New Jersey - United States
Yo im a sophomore in highschool and I like to roleplay. I have been roleplaying for 8 years and still enjoy it. Im not really on this website much anymore but I may start being on more.
I am 16 and do NOT want to roleplay or speak to anyone under 14 and over 18.

I am a literate roleplayer and can only do romance. Prefferably with guys. But NO er*t*c roleplays here. I get highly uncomfortable with those.

I am usually always up to making friends so if you want to chat instead thats fine but keep in mind I am very awkward and usually dont know what to chat about.

My hobbies (other than roleplaying) include:

Singing, drawing, photography, gaming, and more.

Please feel free to message me if your interested in a roleplay or a chat thankyou

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No problem
Feb 2nd 2019 17:33

No Problem :)
Feb 1st 2019 17:09

No problem!
Feb 1st 2019 04:41

Well I hope it goes well for you! You are very welcome! I must sleep for now. Goodnight see you tomorrow!
Jan 31st 2019 23:53

That sounds wonderful! Harnessing bad vibes is unhealthy in life. And whatever is stressing you just let it go so it can weigh you down no more!
Jan 31st 2019 23:47

*smiles* you are very welcome!
Jan 31st 2019 23:39

Honestly same but if a hug is needed then a hug I shall give! *gently hugs*
Jan 31st 2019 23:34

If you want then sure!
Jan 31st 2019 23:24

A lot of people are chrome users. Its ok I don't hate. And you are very welcome for the acceptance. I gladly hold open arms to you!
Jan 31st 2019 23:13

Jan 9th 2019 01:50