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19 / Female / Single
Texas - United States
***REMINDER*** if we rp its going to be a selfship rp were you play my f/o were you can change small things about them (like if you want to be ooc a bit i don't mind) but looks can't be changed since these are my fictional others.

heyo! I'm PrincessBriarRose or just call me rosie. i'm a selfshipper looking for someone to play my f/os in complicated plots or in just sweet simple domestic rps! i have a tumblr and a wattpad! i love making new friends and i enjoy collecting dolls!

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Latest Questions

Q. be a good girl and list your fandoms ;) easier to invade that way :*
A. rn for me its marvel and harry potter. i'd love to do a harry potter rp rn
 Mar 24th 2023 03:47

Q. BOOP! up for a dark rp?
A. yeah if its like dark romance. do you do fandoms? i mostly do fandom but i'm ok with out
 Mar 24th 2023 03:44

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Lets do a rp
Mar 10th 2023 12:11