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(Gabriela Nguyen)
15 / Female / Single
California - United States
Haii my names Gabriela, Gabby for short and my profile is centered around my life learning that not everyone can be trusted. I’m going to have a few plots on my blog page that will include you either playing my best friends pervy/seductive mother, my bffs pervy/creepy dad, the janitor that becomes obsessed with me and starts stalking me, the homeless man who takes advantage of my kindness, and or lastly a gangmember who catches sight of me and decides to follow me and chase me until he finds me hiding and decides to make me his, just check my blog page for the plots and let me know which one interests you most, these are dark themed roleplays so no slice of life y’all can’t stress that enough.


No spamming

No harassing

No bullying

Don’t be bossy about third or first person

No killing me in plot

Please be able to properly type

And lastly please enjoy and have fun ❤️

If you’d like to add me on my discord I send gifs every now and then to spice up the roleplaying but your choice loves ❤️❤️ my user is prinxessgabby

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